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Raytraced Images

The images here are made with the help of two excellent graphics programs: Poser and Bryce. If you are interested in the technical aspects of these images, have a look at my Poser page. The images are sorted in chronological order, so you'll find the latest images at the bottom of the page.

A note on the darkness on these images. Due to the difference between monitors, they might seem dark on some screens. When I look at these images on my PC with TFT flatscreen, my Mac, or the Sun workstation at work, the darkness is just about right, but another PC at work shows them too dark. Unfortunately, this is something that is hard to do something about. I can only suggest that if they seem dark and murky, and the details in the shadows are hard too see, you turn up the brightness of your monitor temporarily. (You might go and change your monitor's Gamma value instead, but if you know what that means, you obviously don't need to read this note.)