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Science Fiction & Fantasy Clipart

These images are available without charge for use in non-profit publications, such as amateur fanzines, club newsletters and similar. You may also use them on non-profit web pages if you like. Please note that any pages funded by advertising, even at sites such as geocities, does not count as non-profit in this regard!

In return for this freely-provided service, I simply ask you to abide by the following few rules:

Keep the copyright text!
Keep the text showing the copyright owner, either as a small textline at or in the image (eg. "© Mats Öhrman 1999"), or as a separate text in the masthead of your publication (eg. "The image at the top of page 13 is © Mats Öhrman 1999").
Don't alter the image!
As an illustrator, if my name is written at an image, I want it to represent what I really did. I hope you respect this desire.
Don't separate the picture from these rules!
Please help me get people to follow these rules, so don't download and redistribute the images without them. In fact, please don't redistribute them at all, since that most certainly will cause the rules to be omitted. Give your friends the URL of this page instead!
I want one too!
Not a rule, but a humble request: If you use one of my pictures in any kind of publication, I would love if you provided me with a copy... :-)

Now on to the pictures themselves. The line art images are provided in two variants: a TIFF file at 300 dpi (dots-per-inch), suitable for use printing from a layout program, and a GIF image at 75 dpi, in case you want to use them on a web page. The color images are supplied as JPEG or GIF images suitable for printing at 300 dpi or display at 75 dpi.

  Birds (4 images)


  Blobs (1 image)


  Bugs (6 images)


  Centaurs (12 images)


  Creatures (15 images)


  Dragons (2 images)


  Heads (8 images)


  Heroines (4 images)


  Mermaids (1 image)


  Mice (1 image)


  Misc (7 images)


  Pixies (3 images)


  Robots (2 images)


  Vehicles (8 images)


  Winged People (2 images)


  (Total: 76 images)