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Jonas Nelson: Miscellaneous Images

Jonas Nelson can be reached at

A Non Smoking Generation

I did this to my brother when he tried quit smoking. Of course, he didn't manage...

Baby Dragon

This was the cover of StrapatS #24. Some people thought it was inspired by the card "dragon whelp" in "Magic - the gathering", but I don't play Magic and I had never seen the card. Besides, I think my drawing is better...

Blood Shed

This was the cover of StrapatS #23, and I did it to point out that RPG characters do not necessarily walk around drawing blood with a happy smile on their face. In RPG's, sometimes violence is the last resort, but not one to take lightly...

Castle Guards

I first drew only the main tower (with the guard) and the eagle, but after adding the shadows, I realised that the drawing was to "heavy" at the right side. So I added the round turret at the left as a counter-weight.


At the time, I thought this was one of my best drawings. It has a noticable feel of motion in it, wich is unusual in my drawings.

Crystal Ball

This was the cover of StrapatS #22. I didn't feel like doing some elaborate robe, so I just let it end without any hem.

Female Archer

Not much to say about this one. The hood (with the small leather straps around the edge) was inspired by some of the new Robin Hood movies...

From the Well

OK, OK, I confess.

This image is inspired by the talented artist Håkan Ackegård (most noticeable in the leaves) and by the manga creator Masamune Shirow (the face of the girl is typically "Shirow"). The rest is all mine, though!

Got One!

I drew this for the annual Dark Horse Manga Art Contest in 1994, and got a special honorable mention. Those of you who have read Masamune Shirows comic "Appleseed" will probably recognize the characters instantly.


This was the cover of StrapatS #8. I do own a hood like that myself! The rest of the equipment is purely fictional...

Join the Airforce!

The Swedish JAS aircraft is famous for its two spectacular crashes. I used the airforce logotype but inverted the airplane silhouette so that it went down instead of up. The strange thing is that no one likes this image - the pro-JAS people think its unfair, and the rest wonders why the heck I did an JAS advertisment! Being an artist is not easy...

Medieval Barmaid

More manga-influences. This drawing actually has a background too, which is unusual in my works. I'm usually sick and tired of the drawings by the time I get to the backgrounds...

Raven's Dinner

Is that mouse cornered or what? But do ravens really eat mice?


This drawing was one of my entries for the 1993 Dark Horse Manga Art Contest.

Think Twice!

This drawing ended up as an ad for the Live RPG "Svart Vendetta", held in June 1994.