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Jon Stadter: Volkswarriors

Jon "Mr. Wonderful" Stadter is a self-taught artist from the United States that has been doing science-fiction and fantasy artwork since the early 80's. His artwork has won awards from dozens of conventions throughout North America, including several awards from multiple WorldCons. His "Volkswarriors" series (some of which is shown here), began in 1988, proved so successful that he has written and illustrated a book based on the series, "The Volkswarrior Guidebook," wherein he attempts to justify these little bug-creatures cruising around the galaxy in Volkswagen Beetles.

He also runs a silkscreening business called Atomic Possum Enterprises, which produces real cool t-shirts and hats and stuff, as well as selling his artwork and book. You can reach him at:

The Volkswarriors

How does a planet, young and eager to learn, get into the exciting and lucrative field of galactic conquest and still keep within a modest budget? Well, given some ingenuity and a few contacts at a used car lot in southern Illinois, the end result could easily be the vilest, most fearsome plague that ever strafed its way across the galaxy-- THE VOLKSWARRIORS! (--and on forty miles to the gallon, to boot.)

Onslaught of the Volkswarriors

Volkswarrior Deathship Squadron #715 makes a brazen attack against a class Z-2 transport. It was this encounter which brought the Volkswarriors into the most hideous, vicious cataclysm in all of their history--with the Intergalactic Teamsters Union.

Lost Weekend of the Volkswarriors

Following the cataclysmic battle of the planet Floonboon, Volkswarrior Deathship Squadron #715 takes a well-deserved break and downs a few cold ones at the Intergalactic Bar & Grill (no humans allowed). By the end of Happy Hour the post-battle victory party had listed almost as many casualties as the battle itself.

Exploitation of the Volkswarriors

With galaxies conquered and entire planets subverted to their will, the Volkswarriors moved into that most cruel and despotic form of galactic domination--

--merchandising, where the real money is.

Training of the Volkswarriors

(Illustration from 'The Volkswarrior Guidebook.')

Volkswarrior training takes place in mass-market virtual-reality games which have a reputation for possibly unfortunate side effects on the brain of the user, which the manufacturer's legal representation attempted to portray as a special bonus feature.