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Star Trek

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Star Trek

Star Trek archives, resource guides, misc.

There's a lot of information on Star Trek available on the net. To help you navigate, try the following archives and resource guides:
[FTP] All periodic postings (mit.edu) archived at MIT for the rec.arts.startrek newsgroups
The Star Trek Creative Area (carleton.ca)
"The Creative Area is a permanent forum which contains fan fiction stories written and posted by SIG members as well as the complete stories of several of the ships in the NCF Star Trek Role Playing Game." Home of "Star Trek: Door Repair Guy," "PythonTrek" and much more. (MargaretKipp)
[gopher] Wiretap gopher server (spies.com)
Star Trek Books Home Page (simonsays.com) [Updated 05-Oct-2001]
(Simon and Shuster) [Updated Oct 2001]
Protect Star Trek (natural-innovations.com)
"Boycott Paramount... I set up this page in response to Paramount's unconscionable move to MSN, where its Star Trek:Continuum (the official site) is off-limits to anyone not using Microsoft Windows 95." (Walter Ian Kaye,
Sector 0-0-1 (startreksite.com) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
Movie news, Treknology, Select Sites, Starship Diagrams, Uniforms, Star Trek Sounds, Insignia, Character Gallery, Posters, Rules of Acquisition, Warp Speed Chart, Episode Guides, Production Chronology, Birthday List, Icons, Images, Dedication Plaques... (Mahyar Entezari) [Updated Oct 2001]
Trek Reviews Archive (ravenna.com)
"Welcome to the rec.arts.startrek.reviews archive. This site contains reviews and ratings of Star Trek television series, books and movies, links to reviewers' home pages, and other related material." Last updated June 1997. (M. Scott Forbes)

Usenet FAQs for rec.arts.startrek newsgroups

We've listed some of the Usenet FAQs for the rec.arts.startrek newsgroups below.
FAQs for newsgroups r.a.s.[FTP]tech (mit.edu) and [FTP]misc (mit.edu).
Books based on the original series (parts [gopher]1 (utoronto.ca) and [gopher]2 (utoronto.ca)) and [gopher]The Next Generation (utoronto.ca).
[FTP] Books on tape (mit.edu)
[FTP] Comics checklist (in six parts) (mit.edu)
[FTP] FTP sites (mit.edu)
[FTP] How to submit creative material (mit.edu)
[FTP] Music (mit.edu)
[FTP] Names, ranks and serial numbers (mit.edu)
[FTP] Other roles played by Star Trek actors (in fifteen parts) (mit.edu)
[FTP] Pilot episodes and unaired episodes (mit.edu)
[FTP] Relativity and FTL Travel (mit.edu)
[FTP] Shakespeare (mit.edu)
[FTP] Story archive (mit.edu)
[FTP] Technical errors (mit.edu)

Star Trek fan clubs

Some Star Trek clubs are on the net. See Also: Societies, clubs, associations, and archives and Other Star Trek Aliens

Maquis Forces International (maquis.com)
"...Like our fictional counterparts on Star Trek who went renegade from Starfleet, most of our membership left established fandom organizations in search of a better banner to fly under..." (Gary Davis)
The Oberon Group/USS Oberon (geocities.com)
(Debi Gold)
Psi Phi (bradley.edu) - Bradley's Science Fiction Club
"Psi Phi is a general Science Fiction club, but our strongest draw is definitely Star Trek." (David Henderson)

Klingon web pages

Klingon WWW Pages - toDbaj De' (demon.co.uk)
(Translation page available.) (demon.co.uk) ("Soruk of Vulcan", soruk__galaxy.neca.com {, soruk__eridani.demon.co.uk)
Klingon Assault Group/Australia (ozemail.com.au) [Updated 05-Oct-2001]
This site's main entry page (ozemail.com.au) only understands frames-capable browsers. [Updated Oct 2001]
Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps (klingon.org)
"...from Klingon culture, society, traditions and rituals to weapons and intergalactic cuisine. Also home to the popular Klingon internet Directory and Klingon ICQ Directory..." (Ambassador Lady K'Zin Epetai Kasara)

Other Star Trek Aliens

Q (u-net.com) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
"It's not safe out here! It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid." -- "Q Who" (Verona)

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