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Television Shows

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Archives and resource guides for individual shows

[gopher]The Avengers program guide (spies.com)
Babylon Five
Official Babylon 5 Site (warnerbros.com) [Updated 05-Oct-2001]
[Updated Oct 2001]
The Babylon 5 History Site (chronology.org)
"The Babylon 5 History Site features: Complete Chronology of the Babylon 5 Universe; Prophecies and Visions in Babylon 5; The Astronomy of the Babylon 5 Galaxy; Links to Other B5 Web-Sites." (Larry King) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
Babylon 5 SF References List (st-and.ac.uk)
"This is a list of perceived references to other SF within Babylon 5. Not every perceived reference actually exists: ``Not everything in this show is a reference to some other show. We do have some interest in doing our *own* story, rather than nodding to every series on the face of the planet, and not all concepts started in the other shows that used them. jms''" (A^3)
Psi Corps and the Nightwatch (st-and.ac.uk)
The Shadows Information Office (demon.co.uk)
(Neil Davidson)
See also Usenet and Mailing Lists sections.
Battlestar Galactica
[gopher]Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide (spies.com)
Battlestar Galactica: archive (kobol.com) at kobol.com
(Mark Heiman)
Battlestar Galactica (scifi.com) at scifi.com
(Jeff Sargent)
Black Adder program guide (eserver.org)
(Edward Lee Whiteside) [Updated 05-Oct-2001] [Updated Oct 2001]
Blake's Seven
[FTP] Blake's Seven: archive at Lysator (liu.se)
Blake's Seven: archive at Missouri (missouri.edu)
(Loren Peace)
Blake's Seven: resource guide (hawks.ha.md.us)
(Lee Butler)
Dark Shadows Home Page (natural-innovations.com)
(Walter Ian Kaye (natural-innovations.com))
Doctor Who
Doctor Who: Trans-Dimensional Junk (missouri.edu) (Loren Peace)
[FTP]Doctor Who (uni.edu): archive at uni.edu (formerly at niagara.edu) and at [FTP]adfa.oz.au (adfa.oz.au)
(Siobahn (Shabang) Morgan,
Into the Vortex (timelash.com)
(Daniel O'Malley) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
Earth 2: Eden Advance Home Page (ums.edu)
(Ann White)
the Flash (scifi.com)
(Jeff Sargent)
The Invaders Home Page (surrey.ac.uk)
(Richard Fincher)
Kolchak: the Night Stalker (scifi.com)
(Jeff Sargent)
Lexx (lexx.com)
"I am 790, a robot head. 'LEXX' is about Zev and me and Zev. 'LEXX' is called "Tales From A Parallel Universe" in the U.S. There are other characters in our story: Stanley Tweedle - A Security Guard, and Kai - A dead man. But only Zev is important. She is the most wonderful woman in the two Universes..."
Lost In Space (scifi.com)
"features my award-winning Virtual Dr. Smith Insult Generator" Jeff Sargent)
Max Headroom - Into the Millenium (maxheadroom.com)
(Michael Larson)
Mystery Science Theatre 3000:
Deus Ex Machina (ibiblio.org)
(David Levine) [Updated 05-Oct-2001] [Updated Oct 2001]
[FTP]Mystery Science Theater 3000 FTP directory (cleaf.com) at clover.cleaf.com
(Will Morgan)
The Official MST3K Info Club Web Site (mst3kinfo.com) at mst3kinfo.com
(Chris Cornell, Brian Henry)
[gopher] The Prisoner: interview with Patrick McGoohan (eserver.org)
A 1977 interview with Patrick McGoohan that was conducted by writer/TV host Warner Troyer for TV Ontario. Contains spoilers. "I guess the first thing I should tell you is that your guest and mine is Patrick McGoohan. Mr. McGoohan, known familiarly to his friends as No. 6, was the creative force behind, the executive producer of, and in several cases the script writer of a series called ``The Prisoner...''"
Quantum Leap: The Accelerator Chamber (finifter.com) resource guide at finifter.com
(Tracy E. Finifter)
Sci-Fi Channel:
The Dominion (scifi.com)
(USA Networks/Sci-Fi Channel)
Free Zone (scifi.com)
(USA Networks/Sci-Fi Channel)
Earth Prime - The Fan's Guide to Sliders (brillig.com)
(Ed Hall)
Space: 1999 Cyber Museum (space1999.net)
(Marcy A. Kulic)
The Starlost (snowcrest.net)
[Updated 27-Sep-2001]
Star Trek
gets a whole section to itself.
Swamp Thing: CultTVman's Swap Thing Page (culttvman.com) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
(Steve Iverson)
Swamp Thing: Arcane Knowledge (easynet.co.uk)
(Fran White)
The Tomorrow People (easynet.co.uk)
(Dave Johnson)
V: The Visitor Home Page (enqueue.com)
(Jase Pittman-Wells)
Xena Online Resources (xenite.org) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
"With links to more than 700 web sites, mailing lists, chat rooms, etc., Xena Online Resources is the best starting point on your search across the World Wide Web for Hercules and Xena resources..." (Michael Martinez; XOR Team)
X-Files: Official Web Site (thex-files.com)
(Christopher Fusco)
Eclectic X-Phile Page (hampshire.edu)
(Cybil L. Solyn)
The X-Files (rutgers.edu) at Rutgers
(Charles McGrew)

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