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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.
Linda Nagata's Home Page (maui.net)
"I feel that one of the things science fiction can do better than other forms of literature is to offer us a heroic choice, a Promethean statement of individual worth and effectiveness that may seem to be missing from our daily lives, a sense of vastness and history all too remote from the nine-to-five shuffle, a sense that there is some grand potential in being human, despite all our flaws, our foolish choices, our contempt for one another. In the best science fiction, romanticism and rationality are allowed to twine in complementary strands that give rise to a complex and multifarious Universe not unlike the one in which we exist." (Linda Nagata)
Vera Nazarian: Home Page (sff.net)
(Vera Nazarian)
Joseph Nesvadba Page (sprynet.com)
"A webpage about the preeminent contemporary Czech sci-fi author includes a bio, bibliography, interview, and five stories." (G.S. Evans)
Larry Niven: Known Space (larryniven.org) [Updated 26-Sep-2001]
"This page began life as a repository for information related to Larry Niven's Known Space series of novels and short stories. The Known Space series is basically a collection of stories with a common framework of future history... The charter of this page has been extended since to cover pretty much anything related to Larry Niven's work." (Ted and Carol Nessus) [Updated Oct 2001]
Larry Niven: Known Space Chronology (chronology.org) by Marc Carlson [Updated 26-Sep-2001]
"Marc Carlson has written the most complete Niven chronology to date. Not only does it include all of Niven's classic Known Space stories through the brand-new Ringworld Throne, it also covers the Man-Kzin Wars series in which assorted sf authors join with Niven in writing stories set in this future history" (Larry King)
Garth Nix (ozemail.com.au) home page [Updated 01-Oct-2001]
"This is the home page of Garth Nix, author of The Ragwitch, Sabriel, Shade's Children (forthcoming) and The X-Files: The Calusari (forthcoming). It is under construction and eventually will be updated every now and again when I feel like it or something happens..." (Garth Nix) [Updated Oct 2001]
Lisanne Norman: Dragoncraft Homepage (sff.net) [Updated 26-Sep-2001]
"I've been a fan of Science Fiction ever since I can remember, and wanted to be a published writer since I was 8. It took a little while, but I got there! ...By profession, I'm a teacher so I'm interested in everything. Learning is an on-going experience for me. My writing has taken me down many an interesting thoroughfare and alley of research. My main interests are in paleontology, ancient civilizations, particularly the Minoans and Ancient Egyptians, and the history of the Old testament times, which I studied at college. I also play Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Quake! ...My three books form part of The Sholan Alliance Series and are published by DAW Books Inc. The Sholan Alliance is formed of three races..." (Lisanne Norman)
Andre Norton: andre-norton.org (andre-norton.org)
"I would like these pages to be a homage to my beloved writer, Andre Norton. She, having mastered the Art, opened the Gate between reality and fantasy, allowing many to enter a new world and to forget for a while about their earthy problems." (Maciej "Aetheling" Zaleski)

Rebecca Ore (ogoense.net) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
"I've been writing science fiction since 1983. Before that I was a poet living in New York and San Francisco (a very few of you might have heard me read at St. Mark's Place or at San Francisco State)." (Rebecca Ore) [Updated Oct 2001]

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