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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.
Iain Banks: A Few Notes on the Culture (rutgers.edu) [Updated 03-Oct-2001]
An essay on the society, politics and technology of the Culture, the galactic community that is the background to the novel Consider Phlebas and its sequels.
Stephen M. Baxter Fan Page (ethz.ch)
(Philipp Leonard Keller)
Unofficially Peter S. Beagle (white-mountain.org)
"Although millions know and love his bestselling book "The Last Unicorn" and the movie based upon it, few realize how many other projects Peter S. Beagle has had a hand in. Aside from his usually best-known persona as fantasy author, he is also an accomplished screenwriter, novelist, songwriter, and all-around cool guy.... His name appears more often than one would imagine in scholarly works on the fantasy genre and subgenres, and even in the occasional thesis paper... My hope with this site is to give the new, occasional, and devoted fans alike more information so that they may explore the many sides of Peter Beagle." (Kim Flournoy)
Michael Bishop: A Bibliography (mindspring.com)
(Michael H. Hutchins,
Terry Bisson Story Showcase (terrybisson.com) [Updated 01-Oct-2001]
(Terry Bisson) [Updated Oct 2001]
James P. Blaylock: Fantasy Science Fiction Writer (sybertooth.com)
"...we started this site because we had such difficulty finding information on these books (and trouble finding the books themselves). After two years on the web we've been able to put together a variety of stuff on Blaylock, much of it thanks to generous contributions from people worldwide..." (Chris Paul and Krista Johansen)
Marion Zimmer Bradley (dauphine.fr)
This page gives a short biography of Marion Zimmer Bradley. Une version franšaise est disponible. (dauphine.fr) (Fabrice Rossi)
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover (dauphine.fr)
"This small archive is intended to as much information as possible on the Darkover Novels written by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The goal (for the distant future ...) is to provide a Darkover encyclopedia, exactly as if Darkover was a real world. I will explain the climate, the geography, the history, etc." Ténébreuse: Une version franšaise est disponible. (dauphine.fr) Ténébreuse est la traduction de Darkover, terme qui désigne une gigantesque saga romanesque, construite par Marion Zimmer Bradley depuis 1958. (Fabrice Rossi)
Ernest Bramah Bibliography (massmedia.com)
(Mike Berro)
F. Alexander Brejcha (netreach.net) home page.
"I've had 13 publications in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, a novelette in Science Fiction Age, and I have pending novelettes in Absolute Magnitude and Artemis... I want to do two things with this website: First and foremost, I want to offer help and inspiration to people with disabilities -- and their families -- by providing a range of resources and information I hope to keep updated. The second reason for this site is that, as an active member of the SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), I want to show off a few neat science fiction sites, and establish a professional presence on the web..." (F. Alexander Brejcha)
David Brin's Web Page (kithrup.com)
(TFH Homepage Creation Team)
David Brin Fan Page (levity.com)
(Robert Daeley, Christopher D. Ritter)
The Works of David Brin (gayspermbank.com) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
"I have restructured my David Brin Website to include pages on the Uplift Universe, Species and Patronymics, Characters, and a Gallery of Bookcovers, Pictures and Art." (Stewart Blandón) [Sep 2001]
Poppy Z. Brite: Pandora Station (negia.net)
"The (Former) Official Website for Poppy Z. Brite, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and Christa Faust. This website is intended for adults, and contains violent and sexually explicit material. If you're easily offended, just leave now." (J.M. Caudle) [Updated 01-Oct-2001] [Updated Oct 2001]
Simon Brown (eidolon.net) Home Page [Updated 04-Oct-2001]
"Simon Brown wrote his first science fiction story in 1966, read his first science fiction novel in 1968, and by 1970 had decided he wanted to be a science fiction writer more than anything else in the world. His first professional sale was to Omega in 1981..." (Simon Brown) [Updated Oct 2001]
John Brunner: Memorial Issue (boston-baden.com)
of the daily newszine from Intersection, the 53rd Worldcon.
John Brunner: A Remembrance (earthlink.net) [Updated 04-Oct-2001]
(Matthew B. Tepper) [Updated Oct 2001]
Steve Brust: The Dream Cafe (dreamcafe.com) [Updated 03-Oct-2001]
Steve Brust's home page. (Steve Brust) [Updated Oct 2001]
Steve Brust: "Dragaera" (ttu.edu) fan page
(Jake Kesinger)
Steven Brust: Cracks and Shards - Observations on Dragaera (std.com)
"All about Steve Brust's world of Dragaera. I gather scraps of information about Dragaeran institutions (shards), and I observe apparent inconsistencies or discrepancies (cracks) and try to resolve them." (Mark A. Mandel)
Lois McMaster Bujold: The Bujold Nexus (dendarii.com) [Updated 01-Oct-2001]
The Official Lois McMaster Bujold site. (Michael Bernardi) [Updated Oct 2001]
Emma Bull's homepage (player.org)
(Nathan Bardsley)
Steven Burgauer (bradley.edu)
"I have four books out right now, a series following the exploits of a space-faring family four centuries in the future..." (Steven Burgauer)
Edgar Rice Burroughs: A Barsoom Glossary (pdq.net) - Reference, Fan Fiction and Poetry [Updated 01-Oct-2001]
"What originally started as research to write a Barsoomian Spoof soon became an obsession to detail Edgar Rice Burroughs' wondrous Martian Saga. Perhaps my manuscript Dead Cities of Mars will be available one day. When it is I hope you will enjoy it--until then my research produced a rather handy glossary of Barsoomian facts which should interest old and new fans of Burroughs' adventure tales set on the planet Mars." (David Bruce Bozarth) [Updated Oct 2001]
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Motes and Quotes (geocities.com)
A treasure trove of tidbits, tales, and trivia. ERB on illustrators and illustrations: "The question of the value of illustrations appears to be wide open. I like them. But that may be accounted for by the statement of a certain English reviewer that I have the mind of a child of six..." Here you'll also find "Whizzle's Classic SF Stories, by Today's Authors In the Style of Yesterday's Giants." If you like this sort of thing, you'll be here for days... better have that pizza place on speed-dial. (Bill Hillman)
Edgar Rice Burroughs: A Collector's Bibliography (geocities.com)
"A chonological listing of titles... Accompanying each title is the following info: Working Titles, First Magazine Appearance Titles, Dates, Dedications, and a description of all the titles [in our library]. The site also contains quotes, pictures, and links to many other sites of interest to ERB fans..." And on top of learning what all the variant titles were for each title, you'll also see how many different editions of "Thuvia, Maid of Mars" the Hillmans own. Oh joy. (Bill Hillman)
Michael A. Burstein: Home Page (std.com)
Includes some of his stories, such as TeleAbsence which appeared in the July 1995 Analog. (Michael A. Burstein)
James L. Butler: High on SciFi Homepage (geocities.com)
"I have been writing science fiction for almost 20 years because I love to do it. Being published is a nice bonus. Getting paid for it is a real kick and helps make it possible to keep on writing! If you are writer looking for a tip, NEVER GIVE UP! (and get professional help if you want to really be good.) If you are a reader, check out my book, and the others at Crossroads Publishing and send me an email on what you think." (James L. Butler)
Octavia Butler: The Unofficial Page (feministsf.org) [Updated 04-Oct-2001]
(Laura Quilter) [Updated Oct 2001]

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