The lake at the top of this map is Boren. Through Boren from the east to west flows Motala ström and Göta Kanal. To the west is the city Motala, where Motala ström meets lake Vättern.

At the east end of Boren is Borensberg. This village is where route 36 from Linköping takes you north across Göta Kanal. Hotell Göta Kanal in Borensberg is known from the Swedish film comedy about Göta Kanal.

Route 36 continues west from Borensberg to Motala, and county route 211 will take you north from Borensberg through Tjällmo towards Örebro.

At the south of this map, you can see Skänninge. This town was the centre of Östergötland in old times. In the summer of 1993, the 1000th annual Skänninge Marken (market) was held. The railroad from Mjölby (to the south) to Hallsberg passes through Skänninge and stops in Motala.

The area all around Skänninge is one of Sweden's most productive farmlands. From a distance, the contour of Skänninge is dominated by some enormous grain silos.

Updated 1 May 1994 by Lars Aronsson.