Phrack, HTML-ized by Ban.

These are the first three issues of Phrack an "ASCII-Mag" for Phreaks and Hackers, Published in a new format to make them easier to read. These philes are not very up to date (1985). But are kept here because they are interesting "historical" documents.

If you run into some strange acronyms or abbreviations try this.

Readers especially interested in Phreaking (and hacking) should also read The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling. It contains the story about Phrack, the myths around the active "phrackers" of the 80's and the official effort to get rid of them.

If you like this, find the texts interesting and would like to see more of them here, please don't mail me and encourage me to HTMLify more phrack's This is WHY. Or why not check out the phrack homepage?

Those of you who think these documents are holy textphiles that should not be fiddled with nor edited, You have probably read them in their original format already and shouldn't bother to express your feelings...

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