German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units under Armeeoberkommando Norwegen (later 20. Gebirgsarmee) in Finland during WWII:

Designation Battlefields Notes
163 Div Tolvajärvi, Svir, Vermajoki Meant to complete encirclement of Leningrad from north, 1942 transferred to Lapland
169 Div Salla, Vermajoki Was in Salla sector all the time
210 Div Arctic Sea coast Weak coastal defense force from 1942 on
2 GebDiv River Litsa Gebirgstruppen (Mountain troops)
3 GebDiv River Litsa 'Narvik'-division, transferred to Germany Oct 1941
6 GebDiv River Litsa Arrived in Sep 1941 to reinforce Mountain Corps in River Litsa
7 GebDiv Kiestinki, Uhtua Arrived in summer 1942 for attack against Murmansk railroad (that never took place)
6 SS-GebDiv 'Nord' Salla, Kiestinki Originally motorized infantry division, but changed as mountain division, because terrain wasn't suitable for motorized troops
DivisionGruppe Kräutler Kiestinki Formed in 1944 from GebBrigade 139
DivisionGruppe Rossi Arctic Sea coast Weak coastal defense formation
MGSkiBrigade 'Finnland' reserve Only motorized unit in 1944, when it was formed
PanzerBataillon 211 Uhtua, Kiestinki Poor equipment, mostly captured French tanks and few Pzkw-III's

A map of the area where German 20. Gebirgsarmee operated.

German units sent to help Finland in the summer of 1944:

122 Div Gulf of Viborg Weak infantry formation transferred from Heeresgruppe Nord (Army Group North)
Sturmgeschützbrigade 303 Ihantala An assault gun brigade equipped with Stug-III Ausf F or G

Luftwaffe formations in Finland under Luftflotte 5:

JG 5 "Eismeergeschwader" Lapland, Arctic Sea, Murmansk Equipped with Bf-109 and Bf-110
JG 77 Lapland, Arctic Sea, Murmansk Parts in Finland equipped with Bf-110
KG 30 Lapland, Arctic Sea, Murmansk Equipped with Ju-88
LG 1 Lapland later StG 5 and SG 5, equipped with Ju-87
Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey Carelian Isthmus A group of 70 FW-190 (II./JG 54 and I./SG 3) and Ju-87's (I./SG 5) sent to help Finland in 1944
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