Chef's Guild

The Chefs Guild is a gathering of adventurers who are all interested in cooking and eating gourmet food. Whereever we go we try to find high-quality meat and prepare gourmet food from it. We always have our Chef's Kit with us and we wear our white Chef's Hat with pride. As a Chef you have access to lots of commands related to finding and preparing meat, cooking food and eating it. There are also a bunch of special feelings for Chefs to use.
In the Chef's Kit the Chef keeps his tools and the ingredients he bought in the Pantry. There is also room for tins of stored food and some jars to keep fresh water in.
Your status within, indicated by your Chefs title, depends on how many Chefs Credits you have earned. Credits are earned by cooking, of course, but also by clever usage of spices in combat. When you advance in the guild you are rewarded with the knowledge of how to prepare food from yet another animal, and your Chef's Kit might be replaced with a better one.
The Chefs Guild is based in the Honeywheel Castle. There you can find:
  • the kitchen entrance, where you join the guild and advance stats and guild level
  • the pantry, in which you retrieve your Chefs Kit before starting cooking and buy all spices and additionals you need
  • the kitchen, where you can take lessons from experienced Chefs
  • the cupboard, where you can store or borrow equippment
  • the library, where you can browse the Book of Chefs and get information about different kinds of meat
The Members of the Chefs Guild are also co-owners of the Gourmet Restaurant close to the Honeywheel Castle and the Road House and Antharis. The food they can't eat themselves they can send to there and when someone buys it, thechef will get a part of the profit credited to their account in the pantry.