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9. The Keywords of LPC

Here is a list of the reserved keywords in LPC. This list was taken from the 1.15.3 driver; other drivers might reserve more, or less, keywords.

_acl_access _acl_debug _acl_get
_acl_modify _acl_num2str _acl_put
_acl_query_access _acl_str2num _cache_stats
_chmod _destruct _disconnect
_driver_stat _dump_file_descriptors _file_stat
_find_shortest_path _fuzzymatch _get_clone_by_number
_get_spec_obj _isclone _lock
_m_delete _next_clone _object_cpu
_object_memory _object_stat _query_action
_query_ed _rusage _set_prompt
_syslog _wiz_list_info add_action
add_verb add_worth add_verb
all_inventory allocate assoc
atoi break break_point
call_other call_out call_out_info
capitalize case cat
catch clear_bit clone_object
command continue create_wizard
creator crypt ctime
debug_info deep_inventory default
destruct disable_commands do
dump_socket_status ed else
enable_commands environment exec
explode extract file_name
file_size filter_array filter_mapping
find_call_out find_living find_object
find_player first_inventory float
for foreach function_exists
get_dir glob if
implode inherit inherit_list
input_to insert_alist int
interactive intersect_alist intp
living localcmd log_file
lower_case m_delete m_indices
m_sizeof m_values map_array
map_mapping mapping mappingp
member_array mixed mkdir

mkmapping move_object next_inventory
next_living nomask notify_fail
object objectp order_alist
parse_command pointerp present
previous_object private process_string
protected public query_host_name
query_idle query_ip_number query_ip_port
query_load_average query_snoop query_verb
random read_bytes read_file
regexp remove_call_out rename
replace restore_object return
rm rmdir save_object
say set_bit set_heart_beat
set_light set_living_name shadow
shared shout shutdown
sizeof snoop socket_accept
socket_acquire socket_address socket_bind
socket_close socket_connect socket_create
socket_error socket_listen socket_release
socket_write sort_array sprintf
sscanf static status
string stringp strlen
swap switch tail
tell_object tell_room test_bit
this_object this_player throw
time trace traceprefix
transfer unique_array upper_case
users varargs version
void while wizlist
write write_bytes write_file

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Mats Henrik Carlberg