Info about Regenesis (a BSX-MUD).


BSX-MUD means Bram Stolks X-window supported Multi User Dungeon.

To play, we recommend you to use a graphical client. You can of course play without one, but then you won't enjoy the mud as much since sometimes the picture tells you things the text can't.

Regenesis is currently beeing ported to another driver and will open again on a server in Germany.


There are clients available for X11, Amiga, Mac and MS-DOS. You can FTP one from in pub/lpmud/bsx. The client will enable you to see the stunning graphics created by the excellent graphicians in the mud. If you encounter problems, just log in and ask if someone can help you.

Here is a sample picture from the MUD.

From left: Detlev, Keyoke and Ban.

This is a peaceful MUD. No fights are allowed due to the UN resolution # 0592.

text by: Henrik Rindlöw slightly rewritten 1994 by Ban.