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set-info [79] (9) Recommended

        set-info [79] ( info : Info-Old )
                -> ( );

This call sets the server information retrieved by get-info-old. The version number in the info structure is ignored (but must be present); all other fields are stored permanently in the LysKOM database. This is a privileged call.


        1 79 10901 1 2 3 4 1080

This example sets the conference presentation conference to one, the user presentation conference to two, the motd conference to three and the news conference to four. It also sets the login message to text 1080. It also attempts to set the version number to 1.9.1, but that number is silently ignored by the server.

Error codes

Login required before issuing this call.
Administrator bit not set or privileges not enabled.
One of the conferences in info does not exist.
The MOTD text in info does not exist.
The MOTD text in info already has the maximum number of marks.
This error message should never be returned, but lyskomd 1.9.0 erroneously returned this error message if the MOTD text in info was set to 0. That should mean that there should be no message of the day, and the current implementation of the server does accept MOTD to be 0.