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query-async [81] (9) Recommended

        query-async [81] ( )
                -> ( ARRAY INT32 );

This call queries the server for which asynchronous messages the client is receiving. Note that the client may not be able to turn off all messages returned in this list since the server may consider some messages to be mandatory. Also note that the client may still receive messages that are not listed in the result of this call. Even though those messages are turned off, the server may decide to send them under certain circumstances.


        1 81
        =1 7 { 0 5 7 9 11 12 13 }

In this example the client is receiving seven types of asynchronous messages: messages about new articles, changed names, database synching, new logins, rejected connections, personal messages and logouts. This particular set was the default for new connections to lyskomd 1.9 servers. See Asynchronous Messages, for the currently recommended list of asynchronous messages that servers should preselect.

Error codes

This call always succeeds.