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create-conf [88] (10) Recommended

        create-conf [88] (( name        :   HOLLERITH;
                            type        :   Any-Conf-Type;
                            aux-items   :   ARRAY Aux-Item-Input ))
                -> ( Conf-No );

This call is used to create new conferences. name is the name of the new conference and type is its type. If successful, the call returns the conference number of the newly created conference. The list aux-items contains the aux items to attach to the conference.

To use this call the session must have logged in as a user with privileges to create conferences (see Security).

Error codes

Login required before issuing this call.
The server does not allow everyone to create a conference and user does not have the create-conf bit set. May also be an attempt to create a conference with the letterbox bit set.
A conference named name already exists.
name contains invalid characters.
name is too long to be used as a conference name.
The conference type has the secret bit set, but the rd-prot bit is cleared.
One of the aux-items in aux-items is illegal. The tag might be out of range, the item not applicable to conferences or whatever
One of the items looks valid but could not be created anyway.
Attempt to create a conference failed because we reached the maximum number of conferences permitted. The error-status indicates the conference number that should have been created if the limit hadn't been reached.