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create-anonymous-text [87] (10) Recommended

    create-anonymous-text [87] (( text      : HOLLERITH;
                                  misc-info : ARRAY Misc-Info;
                                  aux-items : ARRAY Aux-Item-Input ))
            -> ( Text-No );

Similar to create-text, but the text is created the author field set to zero. Not even the server has a record of who created the text.

The original intended use for this call was for importing texts from other sources, such as WWW, FTP or Gopher, but some clients include explicit support for sending anonymous texts to a server.

It is only possible to send anonymous texts to a conference with the right flag bit set.

The only Misc-Info items valid for this call in the misc-info array are recpt, cc-recpt, bcc-recpt (introduced in protocol version 10), comm-to and footn-to.

Error codes

Login required before issuing this call.
The string text is longer than the maximum length of a message.
The text could not be created at the moment.
Attempt to comment or footnote a non-existent or secret text.
Attempt to footnote a text authored by someone else.
Attempt to footnote a text with the maximum number of footnotes already set.
Attempt to comment a text with the maximum number of comments already set.
Attempt to send a text to a conference failed because no access to the conference or any super conference that will accept a text.
Attempt to send an anonymous text to a conference that does not accept anonymous texts.
Invalid misc-info list. A recipient is listed more than once or there is an unknown misc item in the misc-info list.
One of the aux-items in aux-items is illegal. The tag might be out of range, the item not applicable to texts or whatever
One of the items looks valid but could not be created anyway.