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Mapping Local to Global Text Numbers

        Text-Mapping ::=
              ( range-begin           :    Local-Text-No;
                range-end             :    Local-Text-No;
                more-texts-exists     :    BOOL;
                block                 :    Local-To-Global-Block;

        Local-To-Global-Block ::= SELECTION
              ( 0=sparse sparse-block :   ARRAY Text-Number-Pair;
                1=dense  dense-block  :   Text-List;

        Text-Number-Pair ::=
              ( local-number          :   Local-Text-No;
                global-number         :   Text-No;

A Text-Mapping is used when the client needs to look up which global Text-No that corresponds to a Local-Text-No. The client uses local-to-global to ask for information about a few texts starting a a certain local text number, and the server returns the information in a Text-Mapping.

The first local text number that the Text-Mapping says anything about.
The first local text number that the reply doesn't say anything about. This Text-Mapping tells the client about all existing texts from range-begin to (but not including) range-end.
This is true if there are more texts in the conference after this block. If a request such as local-to-global-reverse which searches backwards, this will instead be true if there are more texts before this block.
The block can be sent i two formats. The server is free to choose which format to use as it pleases; clients must be prepared for any of them.