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Protocol Version History (informative)

Protocol version 10 (first implemented in lyskomd 2.0.0)

Error codes
The error codes are now documented. Several error codes were changed to more sane values while documenting the new behavior.
New Server Calls
These new calls have status Recommended.

These new calls have status Experimental.

Name changes

Old name New name
5=create-person 5=create-person-old
9=query-read-texts 9=query-read-texts-old
10=create-conf 10=create-conf-old
13=get-conf-stat-old 13=get-conf-stat-older
14=add-member 14=add-member-old
26=get-text-stat 26=get-text-stat-old
28=create-text 28=create-text-old
36=get-info 36=get-info-old
46=get-membership 46=get-membership-old
48=get-members 48=get-members-old
50=get-conf-stat 50=get-conf-stat-old
59=create-anonymous-text 59=create-anonymous-text-old

Status change
The following calls have change status from Experimental to Recommended.

The following calls have changed status from Recommended or Experimental to Obsolete.

New and Modified Structures

Renamed Asynchronous Messages
A async- prefix has been added to the name of all asynchronous messages. In addition, 0=new-text has been renamed to 0=async-new-text-old, and it is now considered obsolete. Clients should use 80=accept-async to listen to 15=async-new-text instead.
New Asynchronous Messages


Protocol version 9 (first implemented in lyskomd 1.9.0)

New functionality

Added Commands

Changed names

Status change

Protocol version 8 (first implemented in lyskomd 1.8.0)

Added Functionality

New Commands

Protocol version 7 (first implemented in lyskomd 1.7.0)

Added Functionality

New Commands


Protocol Version 6 (first implemented in lyskomd 1.4.0)

New Calls

Protocol Version 5 (first implemented in lyskomd 1.3.0)

New Calls

Protocol Version 4 (first implemented in lyskomd 1.1.1)

New Calls

Protocol Version 3 (first implemented in lyskomd 1.1.0)

New Calls

Protocol Version 2 (first implemented in lyskomd 0.30.0)

New Calls

Protocol Version 1 (first implemented in lyskomd 0.29.2)

New Calls
All calls from 0-56.