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Document Edition History (informative)

10.7: 2002-11-03
Fixed errors: The description of common block of the user area was just plain wrong. See The User Area, for the updated specification.

The documentation for no-of-created-texts in the Person structure was wrong. See Person.

The documentation for the privilege bits create-conf and create-pers stated that they are by default on. In fact, they are by default ignored, but off. See Security.

The example for re-z-lookup was wrong.

An example for lookup-z-name was wrong.

Protocol change: Added a new "language" value to the common block of the user area. See The User Area.

New aux-items: world-readable [34]. See Aux-Item Types.

elisp-client-read-faq [10000] and elisp-client-rejected-recommendation [10001]. See Some Client-specific Aux-Item Types.

Modified aux-item: send-comments-to [33] may now also contain an optional recipient type. See Aux-Item Types.

Previously undocumented stuff: The rules for when a membership is visible are now documented. See Membership visibility.

Documented the unread-is-secret flag of Person. See Personal-Flags.

The documentation for get-person-stat-old was improved.

The Message-ID of exported texts is now documented. See Message-ID.

A client should offer to add the author as a recipient of a text he is created if he isn't a member of any of the recipients. See Recipients of comments.

There should be no linefeed after the last line of a text. See LysKOM Content Types. See Reformattable Text (text/x-kom-basic).

Added a recommendation for how groups of Misc-Info items should be sorted. See Order of misc-info groups.

Editorial changes: Several spelling errors, typos, et c were fixed.

Distributed with lyskomd 2.0.7.

10.6: 2002-03-29
Fixed errors: The format of the user area was plain wrong. The examples for query-read-texts and get-membership were wrong. The idle-time field is only affected by the user-active request, not by all activity (see Session Information).

Protocol change: Expanded the documentation of super-conf. See Conference Status Types. Simplified the rules for super-conf; a setting of 0 no longer means anything. A new section contains a summary of how a client should decied where to send a comment, and it contains the new rules. Recipients of comments. Most clients already implemented the new rules; the old rules were overly complex.

New aux-item: send-comments-to [33].

Modified aux-item: faq-text [14] may now be set on a letterbox.

Previously undocumented stuff: Expanded the documentation of permitted-submitters. See set-permitted-submitters.

Clarify that a person is a supervisor of himself, except for the set-supervisor call; see Conferences.

Document the change-name privilege bit; see Security.

Document that last-login is also updated on logout; see Person Status Types.

Clarify that the address part of redirect [8] is a conference number.

Compatibility info: Mention that the elisp client used to enter texts as x-kom/text instead of text/x-kom-basic.

Administrativia: Updated "Future changes" (see Future changes), and mention that we now use Bugzilla to keep track of bugs and feature requests.

Editorial changes: Added some of Texinfo markup and cross references. Several spelling errors, typos, et c were fixed.

Distributed with lyskomd 2.0.6.

10.5: 2001-09-30
A new section (see Client-side name expansion) in the informative Client Conventions appendix was written. Distributed with lyskomd 2.0.5.
10.4: 2001-05-24
Fixed errors: Fixed the description of the old-pwd argument to set-passwd. The content-type x-kom/basic was renamed to text/x-kom-basic.

Previously undocumented stuff: Documented several previously undocumented aspects of the protocol: the hello string used during connection establishment, the items-to-delete and items-to-add arguments of modify-system-info, the type argument of add-member (including the fact that the invitation membership flag is automatically set in some circumstances), that a client can issue many requests at once (and that the replies are sent back in order).

New stuff: Registered the "rkom" user-area block.

New aux-items: The following predefined aux-items were added: canonical-name [31], mx-list-name [32] mx-mime-belongs-to [10100], mx-mime-part-in [10101], mx-mime-misc [10102], mx-envelope-sender [10103] and mx-mime-file-name [10104]. Those aux-items with a number higher than 10000 were previously documented in this document, but they now have the status of predefined aux-items.

Editorial changes: Lots of editorial changes needed to publish an online version on the web at Many minor syntax errors corrected, and much missing Texinfo markup added. The document now makes heavy use of Texinfo macros. Due to bugs in the current version of texinfo.tex this file cannot currently be typeset using TeX. (All bugs are reported to the Texinfo maintainers.)

get-membership-old, get-membership and login used to take an argument of type BITSTRING(a-single-field). The type has now been changed to BOOL instead, to simplify the description. The encoding of the protocol is unchanged.

The indices are now joined into a single index. More terms have been added to it. Many sections of text were moved around to make it easier to find information. Some non-normative information was moved to appendices. Removed a few non-normative empty sections.

This edition was published on the web; no lyskomd release was imminent when the edition was finished. Future editions will also be published on the web; most of them will likely be published at the same time as a lyskomd release is made. They will continue to be included in the lyskomd releases.

10.3: 2000-09-09
Several aux-items can be set on letterboxes and not only conferences. A few can now be set on the server. The allowed-content-type and recommended-conf aux-items were added. The mx-allow-filter and mx-reject-forward aux-items are marked obsolete. Text regarding mail import was improved, based on actual experience in writing an email importer. Reserved a range of aux-items for komimportmail. Several minor corrections and clarifications made. Distributed with lyskomd 2.0.4.
10.2: 1999-07-23
Some typos and other minor errors were fixed. Distributed with lyskomd 2.0.2.
10.1: 1999-07-12
Call sub-comment was incorrectly marked obsolete. This has been corrected. Regexps are case sensitive. The Info-Type enumeration was introduced in the description of the protocol. (Previous versions of the protocol had broken definitions of add-recipient, async-new-recipient and async-sub-recipient.) Distributed with lyskomd 2.0.1.
10.0: 1999-06-27
The specification was translated to English and converted to Texinfo by David Byers. Protocol version 10. Distributed with lyskomd 2.0.0. Note: this edition incorrectly marked the sub-comment call as obsolete, and stated that regexp lookup was case insensitive. Both statements were wrong, and has since been fixed.
9.0: 1996-08-04
Protocol version 9. Distributed with lyskomd 1.9.0.
8.0: 1995-11-10
Protocol version 8. Distributed with lyskomd 1.8.0.
7.1: 1995-01-08.
Protocol and document revision history were added by Per Cederqvist. Outline mode was used to make the document more manageable. This version was distributed with lyskomd 1.7.1.
7.0: 1994-12-31.
The first specification with a version number. All calls that had been added since 1991-06-25 were documented. Pell and Per Cederqvist did the deed. This version was distributed with lyskomd 1.7.0.
Linus Tolke wrote comments for some calls that were without comments.
Linus Tolke converted the document to ISO 8859-1.
Per Cederqvist started using version control for documentation.
Lars Aronsson documented the protocol that was in use at the time.