The Bastard Operator From Hell.

Originally written by

Simon Travaglia. (

The original, The Bastard Operator From Hell.

  • Part 1-11. Converted by Per Hedbor (
  • Part 12-15. Converted by me. :)

  • He has a new job: The Bastard Operator From Britain!

  • Part 1.

  • He's back as: The Bastard System Manager From Hell.

  • Part 1-2.

  • His worst opponent: The Bastard User From Hell

    These are the chronicles of the Bastard User From Hell. He is the arch enemy of the Bastard Operator From Hell.

    It is recommended that the Bastard Operator From Hell series be read first. This may be reproduced but I request that my name be kept with it. Standard disclamers apply.

    John W. Fox
  • Part 1-5.
  • Part 6-12.

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