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Become a member

Membership in Lysator is open to students and staff of Linköping University. The non-profit society is an independent body, separate from the departments and faculties of the university and from the students' union. Lysator takes part in the Nordic University Computer Clubs' Conference.

Of course you should become a member of Lysator!

There are a couple of simple steps involved in becoming a member. Follow them and you're on the road to happiness (or at least nerdvana).

  1. First pay the membership fee to our plusgiro account. The current fee is 50 SEK the first year and 256 SEK subsequent years. The payment can be done in two ways:
    • Make a transaction to our plusgiro number 885669-2. Put your LiU-ID on the note.
    • Come to our room ~ och pay with cash to our accounter or chairman.
  2. The next step is to create an account on our computer systems. Come to our room ~ (bring your LiU card) and ask for a root. A root is a person who can create an account for you. If you have made a payment to our account, you will need to bring a proof of your payment, e.g. a screenshot or a receipt.
  3. Congratulations, you are now a member!

In a couple of days, you will have access to ~ with your LiU card.