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Mindstar Rising (1993)

Mindstar Rising is the first book in the series about retired Mindstar veteran Greg Mandel. At first sight you might feel that this is an ordinary cyberpunk story, but there are a couple of things that separates it from most cyberpunk.

The most obvious difference is that it takes place in a future England, not in America as is normally the case. Since Hamilton is British this might seem this might seem rather normal. Overall, you aren't shown very much of what happens anyplace except in Britain and in a space station. When I spoke to Peter Hamilton during his

A Quantum Murder (1994)

A Quantum Murder is a rather self-contained murder mystery. It should be possible to read without having read Mindstar Rising first.

This books takes place a couple of years after the events in Mindstar Rising. Greg and his wife have made themselves comfortable as citrus farmers when they are suddenly talked into taking another case by Julia Evans, even though Greg considers himself retired from being a detective. Since it is Julia asking him and the case looks interesting, he decides to take the job anyway.

To begin with, it looks like a rather simple (if very brutal) murder. The double Nobel laureate of physics, Edward Kitchener, has been found murdered and ripped open. Since he was found in the remote

The Nano Flower (1995)

The Nano Flower is the third part of the Greg Mandel series. About 20 years have now passed from the events of Mindstar Rising and Julia has married but her husband is missing. He has sent a flower that is not from Earth so it is suspected that aliens have arrived but not shown themselves. Greg Mandel is talked into helping to find Julia's husband. It turns out that there are many who are out to get information about aliens and that they don't care how they get it. Lots of action in a very good world. If possible, it's even better that his earlier books.

Tommy Persson

The Reality Dysfunction (1996)

The US edition of The Reality Dysfunction is published in two parts, Emergence and Expansion.

This monstrously thick book is actually just the first part of Peter Hamilton's trilogy The Night's Dawn which is probably the thickest trilogy that I have ever seen. Well in the 955 pages that this introduction to the trilogy takes up quite a few things happen. Actually, quite a lot more than I care to try to condense into a reasonable format.

Let it be enough to say that there are brave space captains, beautiful princesses, mysterious weapons, plenty of planets and space ships that multiply organically and have telepathic links to their captains. This is space opera on a grand scale.

Just as with Hamilton's previous books, this one is easy to read, even though I think it would have been even better if it had been a hundred pages or so shorter.

The Neutronium Alchemist (1997)

The US edition of The Neutronium Alchemist is published in two parts, Consolidation and Conflict.

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read this one yet. If anyone has a review of it handy that I could put here, please let me know.

The Naked God (forthcoming)

The manuscript for The Naked God was delivered to the publisher around March 1999.

A Second Chance at Eden (October 1998)

This is a collection of short story set in the Confederation of the Night's Dawn trilogy.

The Web 5: Lightstorm (forthcoming in 1998)

Book 1-4 in the series are by other authors.

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