Peter Eriksson Welcome. I am

Peter Eriksson

Jack-of-all-trades in information technology since 1987 (professionally)

My interests span all parts of the IT spectrum, from writing machine code for embedded computers, to writing Unix toolkits, programs & servers (including one of the early web servers), web designs, hardware development, building & managing networks & system administration och both servers & clients - and IT management in various capacities - both professionally and as a hobby. For a more detailed list of my professional life history, see my CV ( in swedish or in english ).

Most of my current (public) software development projects like acltool, pnscan, pwol and more can be found on my GitHub page, but some older stuff is currently only available on the Lysator FTP site (mostly in the "unix" subdirectory where you'll find projects like pidentd, pftpd and more).

I'm sort of (not so much currently) active at the Lysator Academic Computer Club as one of the volunteer system administrators - when I'm not busy working as a computer systems engineer/network systems administrator at the Linköping University IT department where my main responsibilites currently are the main NFS/SMB/SFTP file servers (FreeBSD based) for all employees and students, and the network access control system (based on PacketFence) for the whole university (and various other things).

Outside of the IT world my main interests currently revolve around womens ice hockey where I have a position at the Östergötlands Ishockeyförbund (the regional ice hockey federation) where my main responsibility is on developing womens ice hockey in our region. Tennis have also been a big interest for me for many years.

Another big interest is photography - where I tend to focus on sports photography, primarily of womens ice hockey (like AIK Womens Hockey) but also womens lacrosse and tennis (and whatever else comes my way). Might have something to do with my daughters playing those sports... Most of my photos can be viewed at my Flickr page.

Every now and then I write down my thoughts (in swedish) on random subjects on my BlogSpot page.