Niels Möller

Photo of me

I'm Niels Möller. Born and living in Stockholm, Sweden. I used to study the Master of Science program in Elecrical engineering and Physics in Linköping, a town some 200 kilometers south from Stockholm. Please see my CV for more information like that.

I've been involved in several hacking projects over time, including Roxen, lsh, GMP, and a sokoban game for the palm. From 2002 to 2008, I was a PhD student at the automatic control department at KTH. See my old office home page for information about my research.

In January 2002, I and my mother put together a book called Föräldrar och barn containing my grandmother's writings. The main part of the book is shorter stories about my mother and her brother and sister when they grew up in the 40's and 50's, published a long time ago in Borlänge Tidning. It is also available at Författarnas bokmaskin.

In 2002, my father and a friend of his published a book Lyrik & Musik. In Spring 2005, he recorded a CD, Brittsommar, with his music, lyrics by various people, a piano and a few friends singing, including Johanna Grüssner. This was followed by Musikal med mera, recorded during the autumn 2009, Visor med mera, in 2011, and a concert CD, Konsert med musik av Anders Möller in 2012.

During the spring 2006, I was visiting INRIA in Sophia Antipolis, south France. Some photos and diary notes are available.