Quick Headlines:

September 25, 1992...John K. gets fired from "The Ren And Stimpy Show." According to the L.A. Times, Nick has fired John Kricfalusi because of tardiness with the new episodes. Loyal fellow artists left with him (at least over twenty), so Nick has moved production to a new studio to be headed up by Bob Camp, a former partner at Spumco. Apparently, John K. had it with Nick about censorship; four of his cartoons were nixed. Further updates will be added A.S.A.P. and non-Spumco shows will be marked thereon.

November 1992...John K. has been offered a position as "Creative Consultant," but he plans to continue working on his future feature-length movie with "The World's Most Manly Man." John K. has announced he will not be doing Ren Höek anymore. :( Nick has banned "Dog Show," "Man's Best Friend," "Powdered Toast Man," and "Out West." Nick has, since the last update, kept playing repeats of the show including variations of cartoons for shows but will start new ones bi-weekly on November 7, 1992. Nick is still playing the edited version of "Big House Blues." Maybe "Svën Höek" is a prediction about Nick's mis-management of R&S; they may go to heck if Nick's not careful. (I kind of hope so; let John K. buy them back for a song and let them come back better than ever! Joy!)

December 1992..."Game Productions" is working with Spumco to make the rest of the second season shows. Their emblem has a picture of Stimpy in a painter's cap. At this moment, details are sketchy about this. One of the people on this group claims to work for an animation company that is working on "Stimpy's First Fart" (aka "Stimpy's First Trouser Cough" and "Son of Stimpy"); the main action (in this 30 minute cartoon) is about R&S running around the world searching for Stimpy's sentient fart. John K., on the other hand, is hard at work putting together his next project. He has several deals including one with FOX for a show about Spumco's official mascot "Jimmy The 'Hapless' Boy" or unofficial mascot "George Liquor." My vote goes for a show about George Liquor. Since John K. has retained the rights to George, Nick cannot say his name on the air or stop him from doing the show.

February 1993...According to "You Filthy Worms" By Richard Gehr in Village Voice magazine, John K. got George Liquor because Nick didn't want its image ruined by him. John K. calls Games Productions (now known as Games Animation) "milkmen" because they and Nick are trying to "milk" out as much Ren And Stimpy as possible; this explains why Stimpy is in a milkman's costume in the logo. (Besides, Nick already has the trademark for Milkman by Nick-At-Nite's commercials.) According to net sources, rumor still has it that John K. is working for FOX; official word is that John K. is making three new shows for the fall.

April 1993...Some of the first non-John K. cartoons have been aired. They are funny at times, but without him, they aren't the same. Ren and Mr. Horse are both played by Billy West. Two of John K.'s shows for the fall will be "George Liquor" and "He Hog." MTV played a surprise rotation of the second season shows, except the three most recent cartoons; its finale was a second airing of "Son Of Stimpy" on the last night of the rotation. It seems, after going through my list of aired episodes, that Nick premieres a new show every three weeks, and during sweeps month, it tends to follow up a three-week wait with a new episode one or two weeks sooner than the usual rotation.

May 1993...Nick is starting to finish the rest of the season by playing new episodes. Hopefully, the season will end soon so we all can reLAx!! :)

Summer 1993...R&S Desert. No new shows have aired since May, but thankfully, "Stimpy's Fan Club" and "Visit To Anthony" have been repeated on SNICK and Sunday Morning. "Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen" has yet to be replayed. Videos are scheduled to come out soon! (See FAQ for more information on it.)

October 1993...Billy West came to Miami University on October 6, 1993!! New episodes are coming November 20! Further details about the speech are in a post which is looking for a ftp site currently.

November/December 1993...The new episodes are out with mixed reviews. Let's give Bob Camp a chance! (Actually, show #31 was good!)

April 1994...Shows are okay, but too few. What's Nick going to to themselves for being guilty of the same thing (lateness) that got John K. got fire for? Take a look at Wild Cartoon Kingdom issue three for secret Spumco episodes!

May 1994...No R&S on SNICK so far this month; Nick's acting even weirder than usual on Saturday nights!