amiwm is an X window manager that tries to make your display look and feel like an Amiga® Workbench® screen. It is fully functional and can do all the usual window manager stuff, like moving and resizing windows.

The purpose of amiwm is to make life more pleasant for Amiga-freaks like myself who has/wants to use UNIX workstations once in a while. It can also be used on the Amiga with the AmiWin X server, although this part needs some more work.


Newsflash: amiwm0.21pl2 now out! (2010-07-20)

In order to celebrate the 25:th anniversary of the Amiga 1000 coming up in just a few days, amiwm has been brought into the 21:st century. New features include internationalization (support for locales with multi-byte character encodings) and support for AmigaOS 3.5 style icons.

amiwm is available as sourcecode release via FTP. The current location is



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