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Linus Tolke Y is a member of Lysators.

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A picture of me. Please observe that the picture clearly shows that I am Gud (god).

Linus Tolke Y - FAQ

Q: In "Linus Tolke Y", what does the Y stand for?
Linus Tolke Y
First Last  Education.

Here in Sweden we have different Master of Science educations. The educations on different universities are very strongly defined. The number of people studying on the different educations are also very firmly defined (by the state budget). These automatically get scolarships for the whole time (4.5 years).

I am a student at the Linkoeping institute of technology and I study on an education that has the name: "Teknisk fysik och elektrotekniklinjen" (would translate to "Applied physics and electrical engeneering") and due to historic reasons this education has the letter Y.

The above restrictions and regulations create a community and a pride amongst the students of one same education and I am eager to let the world know that I am a student on this exact education.

Q: Is your lastname Torvalds?
No. I am not Linus Torvalds, but I have met him.
F: Är det sant att du är gud?
S: Ja, jag är gud i SvenskMUD. Men det är självutnämnt.
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