AmigaSSH - The secure way to use the net


What is SSH anyway?

In short, SSH is a new remote login protocol making the connection secure. If you want to know what SSH in general is go to the home of Ssh and follow the links from there.

SSH on the Amiga?

Yes! Ofcourse!

AmigaSSH is based on version 1.2.26 of ssh and version 3.12 of napsaterm. I have integrated parts of ssh into napsaterm. I have also created z.library which contains the compression-routines (from z-lib 1.0.4). At the moment I have napsaterm with ssh-support and ssh-keygen up and running.

Warning! AmigaSSH is probably not secure!

Why? Over the past months there has been numerous alerts of implementation errors related to the unix implementation that AmigaSSH is based on. I strongly advise you think about this before continuing to use this program! The best thing would be for someone who is an active Amiga programmer to download the source code, and upgrade AmigaSSH to using the SSH-2 protocol (preferably by using the OpenSSH source as a base). AmigaSSH has not been updated in quite a while as you might have noticed.

The current version requires:
  • a 68020 or higher (you don't want to use ssh on a 68000, there are tons of 32-bit multiplications in ssh and the 68000 doesn't have that in hardware)
  • socket.library. The current version has been tested with AmiTCP V4 and Miami V3 with the standard socket.library emulation that is out there somewhere. It should work with any stack that is compatiable with AS225r2/IW-225.
  • reqtools.library.
  • Napsaterm now looks in inet:db/ for its configuration-file, so you might want to make that assign.

I need help!

I planned to do a gmp.library as well, and I've made all needed files but the testprogram doesn't work. If someone wants to continue this work (debug it etc) so we can have a shared gmp.library please write an e-mail to me and I'll send you the files you need. Shared libraries are really nice since several binaries can share the same code.


The third release of AmigaSSH is now available. The archive (which is 427KB) contains napsaterm and ssh-keygen binaries, z.library, napsaterm-sources , diffs to the ssh-sources I had to change and gmp-linklibraries. Hopefully I have remembered to include everything needed to compile.


Besides from upgrading to the latex Unix release I have also verified that ssh-keygen works. (as most of you know the one in AmigaSSH-2 crashed)

Type 'napsaterm -d ssh hostname' to use the ssh-protocol.

My version of z.library is based on zlib-1.0.4-base.tgz(84KB) from the ADE-distribution.

If you only want to use a program that uses z.library you only need to download zlib-amiga.lha (54KB). Please read README.amiga.

If you want to use z.library from your own programs you probably want the original archive too since it contains some more documentation.

Old versions of AmigaSSH can be downloaded from here:


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