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AmiFTP is Copyright © 1995-1997 by Magnus Lilja. All Rights Reserved

AmiFTP is a ftp client for use with AmiTCP 3.0b2 or higher (or AS225r2/I-Net 225/mlink), you also need AmigaOS 2.x or higher. The GUI is a font-sensitive ClassAct-gui.

Features of AmiFTP


AmiFTP screenshot

The above picture shows the main window when AmiFTP is connected to, and the sitelist window is open.

Getting AmiFTP

The current version of AmiFTP is 1.843.

AmiFTP is no longer shareware, it's more like freeware. The documentation in the release archive still says it's shareware but this note overrides that documentation. Use one of the methods below to get it (the archive is ~177KB):

*AmiFTP-1.843.lha (via HTTP from Sweden)
*AmiFTP-1.843.lha (via FTP from Sweden)

AmiFTP needs ClassAct and beginning with version 1.797 ClassAct is no longer included in the AmiFTP-archive. You can get the latest verison of ClassAct from or

Important! I really recommend 68000-users to get the latest ClassAct-archive since a bug in penmap.image has been fixed.

If you're running OS 3.x make sure you use SetPatch 40.16.

Version history

Version 1.843 (released 1997-09-29) Fixed two ARexx-bugs; GETATTR FILELIST and MGET should now work. If someone still has prolems with GET, e-mail me.

Added 'Send raw ftp-command' to the project menu.

Added 'Rename' to the files menu.

Added 'Create directory' to the files menu.

Corrected some errors in

Doubled the maximum length of the ADT pattern string to 512 characters.

Version 1.814 (released 1996-12-14) AmiFTP now saves the correct size of the window.

Added 'Overwrite-all'-button to the requester that pops up when a file already exists. The locale-catalogs have not been updated to include this string yet.

Version 1.801 (released 1996-11-30) Fixed a bug with the filerequester for the default download directory in the global preferences window. This bug only appeared on some systems.
Version 1.797 (released 1996-11-06) Recompiled with SAS/C 6.57.

Beginning with this version ClassAct will no longer be included in the archive. ClassAct is used by so many programs now so you probably already have it. If not, go to .

Not all language catalogs have been updated.

Sometimes you had to press HELP two times in order to get the online help. Fixed now.

Speedbar added, and preferences to turn on/off the speedbar and the normal buttons.

ClassAct no longer included in the archive. Get the latest version from .

All button-actions are duplicated as menu items.

Bug in the progressbar fixed.

AmiFTP starts even if no TCP/IP-stack is running.

You can now select files by entering a AmigaDOS-pattern (in the Files-menu).

You can use the cursor keys to scroll the filelist. (and use shift/alt to scroll a page/go to top/bottom).

Various minor things fixed.

Version 1.607 (released 1996-07-01) Due to a bug in current penmap.image, AmiFTP won't work on AmigaOS 2.x, but when penmap.image has been fixed it will.

Minor bugs fixed.

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