Home Page: Leif Stensson

My name is Leif Stensson. I live in Linköping, Sweden, have studied Computer Science and Engineering at Linköping University am a member of the Lysator academic computer society, and work at software company currently called Roxen Internet Software.

In addition to Computer Science, I have also studies various other subjects at Linköping University; including Philosophy, Media Science, and some languages.

Language Pages

I maintain a few WWW Web pages about language and linguistics. So far, the language and linguistics pages are mostly made up of links to other sites, and a (sort of) searchable list of some reference literature. Most pages in the archive have not been updated in several years, but a few pages (especially those about Swedish grammar) still tend to get updated at least once per year.

Story Generator

I have written a fantasy/faerytale story parody generator, which generates silly stories in Swedish. The story generator is reachable from the net by sending email to the alias automaton@lysator.liu.se. Sometimes, depending on the CGI policy, load average, and phase of the moon, the story server may also be available on the Web by clicking here. Separately accessible are the story generator's random name generator and silly poem generator. Some other "story" types are political manifests (in Swedish), and academic papers (in English).

Project Runeberg

I'm involved in Project Runeberg. Project Runeberg, founded in December 1992, is an open and voluntary initiative to create and collect free electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art, coordinated from the Lysator Academic Computer Society.

PBM Game

I'm writing and maintaing a PBM game. More information about this is available on the StarCluster PBM Home Page. (Note: after several years of active playing, the game has been lately been dormant for lack of players. I may start a new game campaign if enough players show an interest.)

My email address is leif@lysator.liu.se.