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I made this page to defeat a hard dying rumour about Ode to Booze being specially treated for the new (Christmas 2004) sword drinks. Judge for yourself or trust my conclusions, whichever feels best.

These tables put the effects of ode to booze in relation to the adventures gained from drinking sword drinks. My own conclusion, if I'm bold enough to interpret this data for you, is that there is no fishy business going on; ode works just as usual, and any deviations from this in the tables below is due to still limited data sets. They get less limited by the day, though, so if you feel you need more data to be convinced, do return shortly.

Reading the tables: fields with bluish background are with ode, white without, and there is one table per stat day. The adv column lists the average number of adventures gained, from n different samples by players of all races. Click the drink name to see all the samples and their related details for yourself if you want to verify the data. The About tab above lists lots of details about how these data have been gathered. Thank you for your time.

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