Solitaire House

a Macintosh game made by Ingemar Ragnemalm.

Beware of the lion!

(27 july 2012) So much for the quick fix. Well, actually, Solitaire House for Intel is working, stable, since autumn 2011, but it has some bugs in the scoring that I havn't been able to fix. So now I am uploading it as is, faulty scoring but plays just great. The old registration system remains. If you don't have a code, just ignore it for now, this isn't a $20 game any more, and certainly not with those scoring bugs. It is uploaded to support old users and for anyone else to try.

(15 aug 2011) As several users have noted, Solitaire House is for PPC only, which is not supported in MacOS X 10.7 (Lion). This calls for a quick fix, to get the game compiled in the current state rather than making a total revision, which I have been aiming for with my newest development (with a modernized version of my animation library).

If we are lucky, this "quick fix" can also give me a chance to fix the problems with some games, appearing with the OSX version.

Update 29 aug: I have been working on this for some time now and I am making progress. It is a bit tricky, august and september are busy months, but now that we have an OS where the current version doesn't run, I am giving it pretty high priority.

20 oct: I have been sqeezing in porting work when I can the last month, and yesterday evening, I had a major breakthough! I ran my first completed game on Solitaire House for Intel! (A game of Napoleon, and then a Summit Meeting.) This means that Lion compatibility should be a safe bet. There are some problems left, but they should be minor. So things are really happening!

December 2011: I have been testing the new Intel version myself some time now, and it is not perfect but playable. Statistics are incorrect, and sometimes it won't work. But usually, I can play the games just fine. I hesitate to upload an unstable version, but if you want to test it, you are welcome.

Quick facts

Solitaire card game for MacOS and MacOSX, featuring more than 30 different games, including all the most popular games. Classic version works on most versions of MacOS, including emulators.

The download is full-featured but will after a few games start remind you of the $20 shareware payment.


Solitaire House for Intel (with scoring bugs otherwise working well).

Solitaire House 1.1.3 (Classic, MacOS 9 and older): Solitaire-House-113.hqx

Solitaire House 1.1.3x (OSX only, third beta, first version without known bugs!) SH-113x-beta3.hqx (Stuffit+BinHex) SH113x.dmg (disk image) (ZIP archive)

Solitaire House in swedish: Patiensstugan 1.1b (1.5M). (Translations to other languages are possible but I need help to do them.)

Registration information: Register-Solitaire-House.hqx

Grandfather's Clock in Solitaire House

Solitaire House 1.0 release notes

This text descibes version 1.0, but is still quite accurate.

Solitaire House is my multi-game solitaire card game.

Solitaire House features 30 solitaire games, and perhaps more important, a scalable design that lets it fill just about any Mac screen. Most games only fill 640x480, but Solitaire House is just as happy in 800x600 or even more &endash; or less! It also has the largest cards of any Mac solitaire game, and one of the prettiest sets of honor cards (art by Susanne Ragnemalm).

Among the 30 included games are the well-known Klondike, Spider, Freecell (here named Napoleon), Montana, Canfield, 40 Thieves and Pyramid. You will also find games that you never played before.

While some competitors only aim to be as pretty as possible, or to have funny animations, Solitaire House is designed to be playable, with most of the helpful features you can think of. You see, I wrote it the way I wanted it for myself!


The game is shareware, $20.


I support all users the best I can, and registered users in particular.

I am using OSX without Classic. The game works but the Register program does not. How do I pay?

You can now register on-line here.

I have paid the $20 to Kagi! Where is my code?

I send all code as soon as possible. If you provided and E-mail address, you usually get it within one day after Kagi sends their message to me. However, it takes time at Kagi too, and it can be delayed here, by holidays etc. When in doubt, write an E-mail!

If you didn't provide an E-mail address, it takes much more time! Not only does it take 1-2 weeks from me to you, but snail-mail replies also takes more time for me, which means that they more often get delayed.

And, if you provided and incorrect address, what can I do? I have several registrations with incorrect addresses, waiting for you to write so I can send you the code to a working address.

I got the code, but it doesn't work! The OK button never activates!

Each and every time this has happened so far, the problem has been that the user has not entered the name and code exactly as in the E-mail I sent. Here's a few things to try:

Letters in name and code are case sensitive! If it is registered to "john", you can't type "John" or "JOHN".

Some letters and numbers are easily mistaken. Zero and "oh", ones and "ell" or "aye". If the font you use in the mail reader doesn't distinguish them, try changing font.

No extra spaces are allowed, not before, not after, not in -between. "John" is not the same as " John".

If possible, copy the code from the letter and paste in the dialog! The name is easier to get right.

If it still fails, write to me and I'll fix it somehow. Let me know if you can accept attachments with E-mail.

There's a bug in the program!

Sure there is. Most computer programs are a complex constructions that never seems to get 100% bug-free. But, the only way I can learn about bugs I havn't found is from you, who have.

When you report a bug, please include the following information:

I want to select background patterns for each game!

That's one of the points with the "rooms". Place the game icon in the room with the pattern you like. Put all games that you never play in a room with a pattern you don't like. (You can't easily import patterns though, but I can add that if there is a demand.)

I'm writing my own card game. Can I use your card images?

The cards sure are pretty &endash; but they are also copyrighted! If you don't ask for permission beforehand, the answer is no. If you do ask, I'm willing to discuss it. It depends on what kind of game you make.

I'm writing my own game. Can I use your music? Can you make music for me? Do you know anyone who can make music for games?

The music was written by Niklas Hellgren, so I suggest that you ask him. He is interested in getting his music into other projects, and I am not the only one who likes his work!