These photos were taken by Mike Prendergast in 1994,
any questions can be mailed to him at

Picture 1
Left view of the entire full size Deepcore exterior in a tank. Although you can't see it on the scan, written across the top bar facing you it says "TM & (C) TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORP." Just in case you were going to forget who paid for it.

Picture 2
Right view of Deepcore.

Picture 3
The decompression chamber.

Picture 4
Central control area, where Deepcore is piloted from. The missing area on the far right of the picture is where the front window and controls were removed for the special effects post-processing shots.

Picture 5

Picture 6
Maintenance Room B. The white table is where the warhead was kept.

Picture 7
Maintenance room B. Low Angle.

Picture 8
Machinery room, looking towards the battery room.

Picture 9
Bud's room.

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