gnugoclient - connecting GNU Go and other GTP engines to NNGS and compatible go servers

Gnugoclient is a program that can be used to connect GNU Go to NNGS and compatible go servers. It can also be used with other go programs implementing GTP . Gnugoclient is free software, distributed under the terms of GPL, the GNU General public license. Author is Gunnar Farneb├Ąck.

Version 3.0 was released on September 13, 2004.

News from version 2.0:

README for version 3.0.

Download gnugoclient-3.0.tar.gz

Bugfix for windows engines

Due to an embarrassing bug gnugoclient 3.0 doesn't work correctly for engines running on windows. It's easily fixed, however, just change line 126 of Gtp.pike to:
        string s = f->gets() - "\r";