Distribution point for Tar.pm

Development on indefinite hold due to RSI

This is where you can get the alpha-test version of the tarfile manipulation package.

Version 0.07 should fix portability problems for extraction on pretty much any architecture. Building tararchives from disk may be broken on anything which doesn't use / as a directory separator -- use with care. Long file names according to POSIX is now supported. A number of bugs are fixed. A couple of convenient methods have been added.

It seems that my attempts to be more portable actually broke portability to MacOS... A nice man at Goddard Space Flight Center whose name escapes me at the moment pointed out the problem and sent me a patch, so it should be fixed in the next version. It appears that I have to rethink a bit of design, though, so it might take a while.

Version 0.06 fixes a couple of bugs, makes the whole thing more reliable by using modules instead of reinventing wheels, and works better on Windows NT (it's even tested on NT now!). Test results from VMS, MacOS and other odd ducks would be very welcome.

Version 0.05 adds some useful features, like the ability to write and read gzip-compressed files if Compress::Zlib is available, and regularizes the name of the module to Archive::Tar.

Version 0.04 fixes some bugs, creates tarfiles that taste better to Solaris' /bin/tar, adds a method to create archive entries completely from scratch (just feed it a filename and a string), adds a method to extract single files to disk and finally checks if symlinks are available before it tries to use them.

Calle Dybedahl
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