You were s'posed to laugh!

Steve Jackson Games has a rather nice Web area, including information on Illuminati: New World Order.

More or less strange people.

The Principia Discordia, nicely converted to HTML by some folks at Williamette.

My favourite Web search engine.

Information on my favourite programming language, Perl.

The archives of the Blake's 7 Mailing List. Contains almost all traffic on the list since its inception in October 1992, the Great Transcript Project and a few miscellanous sound and graphics files.

On the topic of science fiction TV series': the Babylon 5 Lurker's Guide.

The list of suicide methods. A long list describing different ways to take your own life. Most of them serious, some of them silly, a few disgusting. Originally created by Mike Marsden, who unfortunately is no longer on the Net. I haven't edited the File actively for four years now (since october 1993), but I still get a couple of mails a week about it. Amazing, or something.

Ingvar Mattsson is working on a HTMLified version of the Methods File.

My NetScape and lynx hotlists, of course. These two aren't just out of date, they're positively ancient. Amazingly, a few of the links still work.
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