How to be a gamemaster?

The other day one of my players asked me how one GMs roleplaying games. Not the rules stuff, but what one actually does when one sits there and decides and invents things for the players.

It's not a trivial question. In fact, it is a very good question. Questions that good are never easy to answer.

These pages are my attempt at an answer. They're more or less written for Stina Edelfeldt, who asked.

It's been said that the vital part of science is asking the right questions.

This is what has been written so far.

  1. Planning the campaign.
  2. Starting the campaign
  3. Ordinary Play. (This page currently ends in mid-paragraph).

Not a part of the Answer, but still about roleplaying, is the description of Peter Nordgren's General Goodness Points roleplaying system.
Do you have anything to say about gamemastering in general or these pages in particular?
I'd love to hear it!
Calle Dybedahl
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