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Opera donated a IBM E-enclosure with 14 HS20 blades to Lysator 2011-09-24.


Schackhandeln donated a chessgame and a chessclock to Lysator.


Picsearch has donated one server and plenty of disk.

Netnod donated four Extreme BlackDiamond 6808 switches to Lysator 2010-04-22.

The unix department at ICA AB donated two Sun E20K machines, 10 Sun D240 and two 19" rack cabinets to Lysator 2010-01-14.

National Supercomputer Center

Nationellt Superdator-Center, National Supercomputer Centre donated one rack with 39 1U servers and accessories 2009-09-25.


Handelsbanken donated two Sun Fire 4800 servers in february 2009.


Linköping University is the home of Lysator, and have also donated six rackmount servers in may-june 2008.


Benzler donated three Digital SCSI cards for our AlphaServer. Latest donation 2007-12-10

ProAct Datasystem AB

ProAct Datasystem donated one and a half Sun 4/490 and one Exabyte 120. Also a NetApp R100 storage system. Latest donation done 2007-12-07.

Roxen Internet Software AB

Roxen has donated a lot of machines (including a Cobalt Raq, an SGI O2, several SparcStations and Sun Ultras, several HP:s) to Lysator and Xenofarm, an HP 2424M switch and a battery pack for our largest UPS. They have donated two APC Matrix UPS:s and 4 battery packs. Latest donation 2012-04-25.

ISD Technologies AB

ISD donated 28 SGI O2 workstations. Latest donation 2006-10-11.

Silicon Graphics AB

SGI donated an Origin2000 deskside, and lots of parts and documentation for our Origin2000 cluster. Latest donation 2006-09-29.


The Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization at Linköpings universitet, has donated a SGI Origin2000 rack and a lot of spare parts. Latest donation done September 18, 2006.


Saab donated five SGI PI 4D20 and two Apollo 4500 all equipped with colour monitors. Two Sun 4/600. A few dozens of SparcStation ELC, some Sun SS20, some SS10:s and some network equipment. Two Sun Ultra Enterprise 450 and ten Cisco Catalyst 2924 switches. Latest donation done 2006-08-30.


Nationellt Superdator-Center, National Supercomputer Centre donated one SGI Iris 4d/35, a SUN 4/370 and an SGI Origin2000 rack. Latest donation done 2006-08-20.

Net Insight

Net Insight has donated a Compact PCI Computer for Lysator's public ntp-server project. Latest donation done 12 August 2006.

VIA Technologies

VIA Technologies has donated three Sun Ultra 10 and five Sun Blade 100 workstations and a number of 21" CRT monitors. Latest donation done July 15, 2005.


Meinberg has donated a GPS for Lysator's time server Latest donation done April 25 2005.


Fujitsu-Siemens has donated a Primepower 200. Latest donation done October 2004.


Bytbil.com has donated one HP 2512 ethernet switch and one IBM eServer x230. Latest donation done September 2004.

CC Rental AB

CC Rental's most recent donation consisted of five SGI:s - a Octane/MXE, two O2:s and two Visual Workstations along with some memory and CPU:s for our Digital 8200 system. In the past we have also recieved three DIGITAL Alpha XL366, a DAT-stacker, and some fddi and raid controllers. Latest donation done 2004-05-14.


Inserve Technology AB has donated two Sun A5000 Enterprise Storage Arrays and a Sun Ultra 2. Latest donation done 2003-12-24.


Ericsson CPE Products has donated two Sun Ultra Enterprise 250 and two Sun Ultra 5. Latest donation done 2003-12-18.


3ware has donated two 12-port SATA raid cards, one 4-port SATA raid card and four hot swap drive cages. Latest donation done 2003-11-25.

Saab Bofors Dynamics donated a Sun Enterprise 4000 server and 9 SS5 workstations. Latest donation done 2003-05-13.


SECTRA Imtec AB donated two Sun Enterprise 3000 servers, two Sun Enterprise 450 servers and two Sun A5000 disk arrays! Latest donation done 2002-11-05.

verland Storage

Overland Storage donated a backup robot. Latest donation done 2002-10-14

Advanced Computer Technology AB

ACT AB donated 5 headphones and gave us a generous discount on a HP LaserJet 2200 DN. Latest donation done 2002-09-20.

Engineering Research AB

Engineering Research AB donated one IBM RS/6000-43P, one SGI Indigo2 R10k, a DEC 3000-900 and a HP9000/712 workstation. Latest donation done 2002-09-06.

Cendio Systems AB

Cendio Systems AB (formerly Signum Support AB) has donated one Sun4/400, some GB of Disk, several DLT tapes and a Linux Bible. Latest donation done 2002-04-11.

Parallelldatorcentrum vid KTH

PDC has lent us a Cray J90se with 32 CPUs. Latest donation done 2001-12-12.


Dimension has donated 2 Sun SSA with a total of 436 Gb of disk. Latest donation done 2001-05-23.

Sun Microsystems AB

Sun has donated and upgraded the Sun workstations and servers that make up the main part of Lysator's computing power. We have a very close and fruitful relationship with Sun since many years. Latest donation done 1997-12-14.

Computer Sciences Corporation

CSC has donated a Exabyte CHS-10 tape library. Latest donation done 2000-08-11.


ISY (Institutionen för Systemteknik, Department of Electrical Engineering at Linköping University) has donated a lot of things, mostly ethernet cables and accessories but also a Sun 4/400, a SS1000, a pair of SS600, some workstations and some disk. Latest donation done 2000-03-28


IFM (Institutionen för Fysik och Mätteknik, Department of Physics and Measurement Technology at Linköping University) has donated some VAXen, a quite impressing numbers of Sun SS10 and a lot of network equipment. Latest donation done 2000-03-28


Knutpunkten has donated two Apple PowerMac 6100/66 and two Apple Laserwriters. Latest donation done 1999-11-19.

Vägverket Konsult

Vägverket Konsult has donated a HP Deskjet Printer. Latest donation done 1999-07-14.


IKP (Institutionen för Konstruktions- och Produktionsteknik, Department of Mechanical Engineering at Linköping University) have given us a Laser Printer, some HP-workstation and a pair of IBM-rs6000. Lastest donation done 1999-02-15.

M&P HiTech Computing AB

M&P helped us bringing one of our DEC3000:s back to life by donating a spare power supply unit. Latest donation done 1998-09-01

Digital Equipment AB

Digital Equipment AB has donated two DEC-alpha 3000, two VAX 6000, a DECsystem 5400 and about 10 GB's of disk for the VAXes. Latest donation done 1998-08-11.


Handelsbanken have donated some monitors. Latest donation done 1998-07-14.


Ericsson Radio Systems has donated two Sun3/80, one Sun4/400, one Sun4/600, some GB of Disk, 14 17" colormonitors, fiber transceivers, and other network equipments. Latest donation done 1997-09-04.

Idonex AB

Idonex AB has donated a Sun 3/50 and a lot of memory for our SS10. Latest donation done 1997-09-04.

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard most recent donation was a HP9000-715/50 workstation. Latest donation done 1997-05-20.

Ericsson Saab Avionics donated a IBM RS/6000-950. Latest donation done 1997-02-07

Enator Dotcom AB

Enator Dotcom AB helped us building our high speed FDDI-network. Latest donation done 1996-09-01.

Telia Research AB"

Telia Research AB has donated eight Sun workstations and one server. Latest donation done 1996-01-19.

Griffel data AB

Griffel Data donated one 1 GB SCSI disk for our farm of SGI workstations. A truly appreciated donation which helped us significantly in getting these workstations up.

ABB Communications AB

ABB Communications in Linköping implements network solutions for big and medium sized companies and has donated a new 3Com Linkbuilder FMS II to the RydNet-project.


AU-System has donated six external V.34 PowerBit modems, these fine modems give those of our members not connected to RydNet fast and reliable access to our machines.


Magma helped us with fast serial ports for our modems.

Akademiska Hus

Akademiska Hus (formerly KBS) financed the relocation of the barracks that once made up our former residence, Q-Huset.

CMA Rentals

CMA Rentals has donated some VAXen, disks and accessories.

Digsim Systems

Digisim Systems donated their simulation software for digital construction to Lysator, for use in the Lys32 project.

Advanced Micro Devices

Advanced Micros Devices has donated some CPU:s from the AMD29000 series, for use in the Lys32 project.



Ericsson Utvecklings AB has donated Ethernet transceivers.


Ericsson Infocom Consultants has donated Ethernet transceivers and cables.


The research division of the Swedish military has donated miscellaneous accessories.


Fujitsu Nordic AB certainly knows what we need most: disk space. A lot of our hard-disks (aproximately 30Gb) are donations from Fujitsu. They have also donated five scanners.


IDA (Institutionen för Datavetenskap, Department of Computer has donated about 20 Sun Ultra 10.


LiTH (Linköpings Tekniska Högskola, Linköping Institute of Technology) have promised to support the RydNet project. They have always supported us.


LysCom donated the microwave link that connects RydNet to the rest of the Internet.

Motala ström

Motala ström kraft donated a number of 286-based PC:s to the RydNet project.

Partner Tech

Partner Tech in Åtvidaberg has donated a number of of Facit Twist terminals, some printers and more.

Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Skottland

Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scottland donated a Sequent Balance 2000.


Stråbruken has donated two HP 9000/300 workstations.


Sunet donated a CISCO-router card. They also provide us with Internet access.

Telia AB

Telia sponsors our modem lines, and has donated some Vitalink ethernet->serial units, to be used in the RydNet project to connect the microwave link donated by LysCom to the routers donated by Sun.


Ungermann-Bass donated tranceivers to the RydNet project.


UNIT has given us some mixed things, e.g. ethernet cables.


Corren has donated useful network equipment to the RydNet-project.