Lennart Staflin <lenst@lysator.liu.se>
Time-stamp: "2004-11-02 11:34:17 lenst"

Information about PSGML

PSGML is a GNU Emacs Major Mode for editing SGML and XML coded documents.

Emacs is an advanced and extensible editor. A Major Mode customizes Emacs for editing text of a particular sort. PSGML is a major mode for SGML documents.

PSGML has several functions for editing SGML documents. Indentation according to element nesting depth and identification of structural errors (but it is not a validating SGML parser). Menus and commands for inserting tags with only the contextually valid tags. Attribute values can be edited in a separate window with information about types and defaults. Structure based editing includes movement and killing; and also several commands for folding editing.



Alpha version 1.3.1. This version should work with latest Emacs in multi-byte mode. Compatibility with earlier versions of Emacs (19.34,20.x) and with XEmacs is unclear. Download (ftp).


Bugfix release 1.2.5. Download.


Bugfix release 1.2.4. Download.


Release 1.2.3 fixes compatibility with Emacs 21.1 and is available from lystor ftp, http or from source forge


Bugfix release 1.2.2 available from lystor ftp, http or from source forge


The future of PSGML: It is currently not in active development. I plan to put out one or two bug fix releases and the move the sources to source forge (possibly after restructuring the code a bit and merging in various patches and additions that has been send to me.) I will then invite others to take an active part in the future development of PSGML. To start this I have created two mailing lists on source forge. A psgml-user for general discussion and questions about PSGML and psgml-devel for discussion about the future development of PSGML. Visit the SourceForge: Mailing Lists for PSGML page to for subscription info.


Version 1.2.1 of PSGML with som bugfixes from lystor ftp or http


Version 1.2.0 of PSGML with XML support is now released. Get psgml-1.2.0.tar.gz from lystor ftp.


XML support is in an ALPHA stage.


Version 1.0.3 of psgml. A bug fix release.


Version 1.0 of psgml is ready.


Release of psgml 0.4 beta 3. Fixes compatibility with oemacs. Fixes small bug in indentation code.


You can fetch PSGML with anonymous ftp from ftp.lysator.liu.se in directory pub/sgml or from source forge (only from 1.2.2).

Version Status Comment Download
http ftp
1.3.1 alpha multi-byte compatibility http ftp
1.2.5 stable bugfixes http ftp
1.2.4 stable bugfixes http ftp
1.2.3 stable Emacs 21.1 compatibility http ftp
1.2.2 stable bugfixes http ftp
1.2.1 beta   http ftp
1.2.0 beta XML support http ftp
1.0.3 stable   - ftp


Version 1.2.3 of PSGML works as follows:

Emacs 19.34
Works well. Don't use an earlier version of Emacs.
Emacs 20.7
Works in unibyte mode. Multibyte might create problem with saved (binary coded) DTDs.
Emacs 21.1
Works in unibyte mode. Multibyte might create problem with saved (binary coded) DTDs. Earlier versions of PSGML does not work.
Not tested