Playing the Game of Pinball

We all know how to play pinball. It's just a matter of hitting the ball with the flippers. No problem. Right?

Wrong. If you think that's what playing pinball is like, you should probably read just about everything in this section, and even if you're pretty good at playing - you know not to flip simultaneously with all flippers - there might be something in here to help you on your way to becoming a Pinball Wizard. * Improving your skills :: \\ - Formulating Your Strategy :: VFBTF/strategy.html :: In this section you'll find out how to formulate a strategy for a successful game of pinball. \\ - Skills for the
Pinball Player :: VFBTF/skills.html :: Read this section for detailed information on various skills that can help you improve your game. \\ - The
game-playing tips list :: rgptips.html :: This is a list of tips for successful pinball collected on the news group. \\ - Illustrated Pinball
Techniques :: animations.html :: Here you'll find animations of some important techniques for playing pinball. \\ * Tournament Play :: \\ - r.g.p Tournament
Preparation Tips :: tournament.html :: If you play in tournaments, turn to this page to find out how to do even better. \\ - VFBTF Tournament
Preparation Tops :: VFBTF/tournament.html :: More tips on playing in tournaments from an experienced player.
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