WMC94 - Conference program

1st W o r | d M u d C o n f e r e n c e ----- Linköping, Sweden 1994 --------


We hope the 1st World Mud Conference will be a memorable experience! The program presented on the next page is still rather preliminary, as not all speakers have confirmed their seminars, or even that they will show up in the first place.

Seminars will be held in the A1 lecture hall. A1 is located in the A building, entrance A17, corridor C to the right, or entrance A15, corridor C to the left.

Refectory and general meeting place will be the "Gasquen cellar" in Kårallen, easily accesible from the amphitheatre. The BBQ will hopefully be held in the woods east of the university (walk in the direction of the wailing sirens and raging forest-fire).

General questions should be put to Wing (the guy with the red beard).

All other Lysator people disclaim responsibility, and should not be subjected to bodily harm. Thank you!

Here was the actual program, or, an very inacurate version of the program, due to last minute changes (literally)

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