Katmandu's LPMUD Descriptions

Katmandu's LPMUD Descriptions


The purpose of this work is not to discredit the work of Mr. Scott Goehring and his regular mudlist postings to rec.games.mud.announce and the subsequent mailing list. Rather, this is intended to serve as an addendum or appendix to the work he has already produced. The primary goal is to provide a bit more detailed description of various LPMUDs available to the public, so the users can make informed choices about which services they wish to connect to. Different LPMUD servers address the needs of their participants differently, thus not all are best suited to the needs of the individual. Along these lines, this file has been created: to act as a quick reference guide to what each has to offer.


All requests for submission/change/etc should be submitted from the main admin of the LPMUD in question, or an authorized representative of said site. Due to the nature of the posting of this compendium, the author holds no responsibility for failure to make additions or changes before the next available release. Any changes not included in the current available release will be forwarded and adjusted for the next available release, whenever that may be. Please send all requests for additions, changes, etc, to the author at:


Please follow the template at the end of this distribution to facilitate the inclusion of your LPMUD in this service. All submissions received in a format other than the template below will have to be reformatted to fit the template, which will only delay the process that much more. Also, if anyone has any ideas for a "cleaner" layout of the template/results, feel free to drop the author a note at the above address. New submissions are probably best layed out like the submissions listed below. If you're not sure how to handle it best, use the current submissions as examples.

Mailing list:

To be placed on the mailing list to receive new releases of this work, send your full Internet e-mail (user@host.subnet.domain) to the address listed under submissions. All requests for removal from the list will be handled from the same address. Please note, this mailing list shall NOT take replace of posting of this distribution to USENET; rather, it will coincide with it. Also, administrators who submit a descrption will automatically be added to the mailing list for future releases.


The author shall not be held liable for any damages, incurred or imagined, from any errors, typos, ommisions, etc, included within this distribution. Address any questions, comments, concerns, etc to the address listed under submissions.


Well, seeing as this is the 07-JUL-1993 posting of this distribution, only these LPMUDs have come forward to be placed in this service:

The above LPMUDs appear in the order they supplied their information!

My apologies to Nightmare and Overdrive, as the template did not exist at the time they submitted their information to me, hence all the ommisions of items from the template. I invite them to snag a copy of the template below and re-submit with this additional information requested. Again, sorry for the confusion.

Special thanks to Discworld and BatMUD for re-submitting!

LPMUD admins please mail me to get your site listed here. Players, etc, contact (pester?) your admin(s) to have him/her submit!


Thanks go to Arlie Stephens (arlie@maple.Solbourne.COM) for ideas used in the formulation of part of this template into what it is. Thanks also to Daniel Crow (d.n.crow@open.ac.uk) for his input on the use of "ie" versus "eg" which provided for minor changes in this layout.

Also, anyone else who has any ideas to contribute to this template, feel free to contact the author at: jsjdb@acad1.alaska.edu

Jason D. Bourgoin (Katmandu@LPMUDs) Jsjdb@Acad1.Alaska.Edu/Jsjdb@Alaska.Bitnet