Java in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference for Java Programmers

Java in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference for Java Programmers
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Java in a Nutshell is a complete quick-reference guide to Java, the hot new programming language from Sun Microsystems. This comprehensive volume contains descriptions of all of the classes in the Java 1.0 API, with a definitive listing of all methods and variables. It also contains an accelerated introduction to Java for C and C++ programmers who want to learn the language fast.

Java in a Nutshell introduces the Java programming language and contains many practical examples that show programmers how to write Java applications and applets. It is also an indispensable quick reference designed to wait faithfully by the side of every Java programmer's keyboard. It puts all the information Java programmers need right at their fingertips.

Contents include:

An advanced introduction to Java. The first three chapters will teach C and C++ programmers everything they need to know to start programming with Java right away. Practical, real-world examples that show programmers how to write applets; implement smooth animation; create graphical user interfaces; write client and server programs that communicate over the network; use threads; and more A compact reference to the 211 classes, 1828 methods and 235 variables in the Java 1.0 API Descriptions of each class A Java keyword and concept glossary Quick-reference tables of operators, primitives, escape characters, visibility modifiers, doc comment syntax, events, keysyms, fonts, colors, cursors, system properties, Unicode and Java-related HTML syntax Documentation for the Java compiler, interpreter, and other tools in the Java Developer's Kit