Specific language: Swedish

Project Runeberg
Project Runeberg is a Project Gutenberg-look-alike, which has similar aims, but deals primarily with Scandinavian (currently mostly Swedish) texts.

Swedish Grammar
A short grammar of the Swedish language.

Språkbanken ( = "The Language Bank" )
Server carrying various texts in Swedish, and related statistics (word frequencies, etc). Menues and instructions in English available. Managed by the Göteborg (Gothenburg) University.

Subjunctive in Swedish, and verbal evolution
This page describes the development of Swedish verbs from the time of Classical Old Swedish (1225--1375) to the present.

Skolverket's Swedish-English Dictionary
Skolverket (a national education agency in Sweden)

Skolverket: Lexin svensk-finskt lexikon
A public Finnish<->Swedish dictionary.

Dictionnaire Français-Suédois
A medium-sized French<->Swedish dictionary.

Swedish Language Course
A simple introduction course to Swedish, by Aaron Rubin.

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