A collection of information about and around the C language. Comic Strips made by Fredrik Öhlin. A fully htmlized version of the Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling An article about Internet by Bruce Sterling (Swedish) Artiklar från mötet flippade förbindelser i LysKOM. Innehållet är stundtals rätt skoj, men alltid urflippat. The genesis of the Big Dummy's Guide was a few informal conversations, which included Mitch Kapor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Steve Cisler of Apple Computer, Inc. in June of 1991. With the support of Apple Computer, EFF hired a writer (Adam Gaffin) and actually took on the project in September of 1991. The Hacker Dictionary documents some of the lingo used by hackers. This version is indexed and crossreferenced, which makes it very easy to get lost in the world of obscure computer terms. Contains lots of different recipes gathered from internet "Chefs" from the whole world. Tells you how locks work, how to pick them and how to make the tools to do it. Illustrated with nice figures. A collection of particulary bad jokes that were left over during a particulary mean party circling a particulary miserable planet in a region of the Milkyway that until very resently had been quite happy.