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From: (Dennis Ritchie)
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Subject: Re: Diff between Draft Proposed ANSI C and ANSI C K&R Books
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Date: 27 Jun 92 06:18:43 GMT
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Here is a newer version of the errata list than the one that was reposted.  It's not really new (mod date of the file is Jan 91) and not much different, but does note the
p. 249 blemish.  It's missing Henry Spencer's observation.

Dennis Ritchie

Changes to
The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition

As the C standard wended its way through the approval process and became final, Brian and I prepared fixes to put in new printings of the second edition of ``The C Programming Language.''  These printings are identified by a large red ``ANSI C'' in the upper right quadrant.  Fortunately, the changes are minor; some repair our bugs, a few account for last-minute changes in the draft standard.  For the benefit of previous and near-future purchasers, here are the changes that were made:

Appendix B changes:

Appendix C change: The index has been reprinted to fix a couple of typos and account for motion within Appendix A; one page of the table of contents is changed.

October, 1989:

Not yet fixed in any printing: