Authors' Rights

People whose names show up in this subtree have certain rights.  That they have the rights doesn't mean they exercise them (e.g., take responsibility for the layout of their documents); but if they wanted to, they could.  The idea is to leave those authors who don't want to be bothered alone, while still giving control to those who accept it.

The right to know.

If a text shows up in the Lysator hierarchy, the author will hear about that via email, if at all possible.  (This has changed recently; I used to prefer to leave people alone, but have been convinced that that is neither expected nor advisable.)

The right to stop playing.

All texts in this subtree are either published with explicit permission or have been made available in some big, anonymous electronic forum, usually through anonymous ftp or as a USENET article.  If, however, at any point the author of a document doesn't want it to offered here, it will be removed and stay out of the subtree for good.

The right to change the document.

If something was important or interesting enough to me to be included here, it is important or interesting enough to put in the work to track changes.  If there's a new version available, it will replace the old one.

Control over presentation and structure.

If you don't like the way your document looks on the screen, or have your own notion about how to best present your text, tell me about it.  (Unless you already found a way to implement your style in HTML, don't expect it to be realized exactly; HTML's layout capabilities are rather limited.)

The right to your own image.

Some people in this subtree appear not only as names, but also with a bitmapped image, a signature, affiliation, or a short biography.  They can change, remove, or augment that data, just like they can change the documents they wrote themselves.  (Still, the fact that something is said about or by someone in this subtree does not mean that the person knows about the statement, or agrees with it.)

Whatever changes need to be made to implement these rights will be made as fast as technically possible.  Beyond that, comments, suggestions, and especially corrections are always, and equally, welcome from everybody; email to