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The Man

Martin Blom was born 1974 in a town in Sweden called Jönköping. He had a happy childhood, lots of good friends, and a great family. He did his homework and went to church every Sunday.

But then, one cold, dark Christmas Eve in the year of our Lord 1986, everything went wrong. This was the day when it entered his life. At once, there were fights among the brothers. They all wanted to use it. Martin started to avoid playing with kids that didn't share his passion for it. The school work suffered. Other interests suffered. It was the Commodore 64 home computer, and it would forever change his life.

Today, more than ten years after the tragedy, things are worse than ever. He is studying Computer Science and Engineering at Linköping Institute of Technology, surrounded every day by other computer nerds.

Martin has spent loads of money on computers over the years: Amiga 500, Amiga 4000/040, Commodore 128D, Commodore 64 (in order of appearance), modem, monitors, disks, mice etc. Interesting enough, no sound card. He did, however, build a sound card of his own for the Commodore 64, and he likes to mention that now and then (you see, this was one of the few hardware projects that actually worked!). 4 channels, 8 bit samples. He even wrote a module player for the good old 64. And it had quadrascopes.

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